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Days Off Without Pay New York

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  • Days Off Without Pay New York

    Excellent employee of about four years occasionally wants a day or two off without pay to join her retired husband on short trips but she doesn't have enough vacation time always available so she feels that she can take the days without pay. Most likely we would let her do that but we don't feel that it's a "given" just because they're without pay and she does. It's a small organization and she most likely wouldn't do this if it were going to leave us in a bind but it's the attitude of it that's in question. What is the general feeling about this?

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    Up to the company. There is no law that is going to force you to allow vacation time off, either paid or unpaid. Time off is always at the discretion of the employer.

    I would recommend that she propose a schedule for, say, the next six months, and you can tentatively approve or not approve based on the expected work load during that time. But just up and "I am going to take Friday and Monday off" on a Wednesday, is just an entitlement attitude I'm not sure I'd abide.
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      We have employees who sometimes want to save their vacation and take unpaid days, even though they have vacation time. We require that they use all vacation leave prior to taking a day without pay for vacation purposes.

      If you allow this, make sure its set up in advance and on an occassional basis. I can easily see it running into a situation of "how come Mary gets to take off Thur and Friday all the time and then we cant get off because of needed staff here."
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        I agree with Morgana that there could be a possible morale problem with other employees unless you set this up correctly & in advance.
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          There is another potential issue. From an audit standpoint, employers want employees to take a least one week contiguous vacation each year so that someone else is forced to cover the position for one full week. There are scams which need a certain "hands on" maintenance that tend to become unraveled when not serviced. I am not saying that this is the case here, but I will say employees who never take more then a day or two off at a time make me (and auditors) nervous.
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