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Working Alone California

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  • Working Alone California

    i work for a manufacturing company. there is no heavy equipment (i.e. forklifts) but we do have chemicals and small equipment (soldering tools). I have been tasked to determine whether we should continue to allow employees to work alone (on weekends, before or after regular business hours). Are there laws surrounding working alone? Are there any policies out there which might serve as a good starting point?

    I have looked online and it appears as though Canada and the UK have laws and guidelines but have not found anything from the US - including OSHA

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    What are these employees doing when they're working alone?
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      there are employees throughtout the comany who work alone at different times...

      Some are office workers. Some work in an eclosed clean room environment (with chemicals). Others are checking on machines (checking temperatures, checking progress of products being processed in the machines, adjusting knobs). Some may be soldering.



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        Obviously "best practice" would dictate that no one ever works alone but that's not really a practical real world solution.

        There are a few regs. from OSHA requiring a "2 man rule", electrical generation, electrical repair work over a certain voltage, confined space etc. but nothing you mention jumps out at me as a violation.

        Chemical rooms can get iffy from a general overall safety point of view.My policies here dictate that all activities,in a few of the more heavily concentrated areas, will follow the 2 man rule. It's probably above and beyond what OSHA would require but that's just our preference.

        As long as the employees have ready access to a "communication device" (phone, cell phone) which they can use to summon help you should be fine, so if CALOSHA compliance is the only reason you're looking at this I think you're OK. You can always call and ask.

        If this is being driven by something else then that's up to you. Generally speaking from my experience, if a reasonable person looks at something and thinks "is this safe" it usually isn't or has room for serious improvement.
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          Do you have safety measures in place? Are there MSDS sheets available? Spill kits?
          That would be a good start.


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            Slight thread hijack..........

            Hi, E&SMgr, where ya been?
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              We've been quite fortunate and have been extraordinarily busy lately, just been traveling a lot.
              "Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate'' - Sir William of Ockham, a.k.a. Ockham's Razor


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