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Thank you note after being dismissed?? California

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  • Thank you note after being dismissed?? California

    My DH just told me he was going to send his HR manager and direct manager a thank you note after being dismissed. Mind you he was dismissed after being falsely accused of something. He says its OK and that he just wants to show them that he appreciates everything they taught him.

    I am not too pleased with it because I feel that these ladies listened to the wrong person and didn't really conduct an indepth investigation. They decided to side with the only drunken fool at the christmas party who was actually the person that started the whole mess. My DH had a very good reputation, 2 merit increases, great reviews so I am the one thats upset.

    To me they don't deserve no thanks. What do you guys think?

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    I think that the decision belongs to your DH and no one else.
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      I guess you are right. I am probably just too upset to realize that since its gonna be hard for him to find new employment.


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        I can understand how you feel but agree that it must be your husband's decision.

        I assume he applied for unemployment ins. - always apply.
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          Sorry to hear your DH was let go. I'm of the opinion

          that a thank you letter is fine if it is done for the right reasons.


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            I read the note and it was heart felt. It was pretty much a thank for letting him work there and that he learned a lot. I guess that was alright of him to do.


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              That's a very gracious way for your husband to respond to this very difficult situation - and very rare for someone who has been terminated to do. While I'm sure he has no ulterior motives in doing this, it certainly won't hurt his chances of receiving as favorable a reference as the company is able to provide.


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                That's very true Beth plus there's not much that he can really do about anything, the experience has really humbled him.


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                  He sounds like a really classy guy.

                  A letter like that cold lead to recommendations that he would not otherwise have had.

                  I just learned something. Thanks for posting this.


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                    I agree that he's taken the high road and it can only help him.

                    Case in point: We had to lay off a man here recently and he also sent a heartfelt thank-you note for the opportunities he'd been given while here and the things he had learned. It made such an impression that my boss began actively recruiting for him within her wide circle of contacts.

                    She was able to help find him another job -- something that probably would not have happened in this economy without her intervention.
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                      Over all it seems like a win/win.


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