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Direct Deposit New York

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  • Direct Deposit New York

    We do direct deposit payroll for our employees. I have always told our team members that it is a required part of the job.

    One of my team now want to be off direct deposit. Am I legally obligated to remove them from the direct deposit list? Can I require that they provide an alternative account number within 30 days? (I am thinking of terminating said team member if they cannot provide an alternative account, I know, I'm cruel, especially if I am not legally obligated to have just one person NOT on direct deposit).

    Okay, so I'm lazy, and having just one person not on the direct depsit payroll would not be a complete hassle, but it just makes my job that one person more complicated to reconcile with payroll and the books, especially if I can't be certain that this person will cash paychecks on time. That is why we went to direct deposit in the first place, because someone wasn't cashing paychecks on time, and we had to continually cut them new checks (this person thank heaven, no longer works with us).

    And since I'm going out on materinty leave, I would really really like to leave payroll as easy as possible on my husband, who has absolutely no clue as to what he'd be doing dispite how much I train him, which means that I'm going to be correcting a whole lot of backlogged stuff, and didn't want this to be one more snag.

    I know, I'm being a hard @ss, but I'm really tired of this one person being the only thorn in my side and having always to make these little "accomodations."

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    Sorry, but according to my information mandatory direct deposit is not allowed in NY.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Thanks CBG, just wanted to make double sure that was the case.

      What states do allow mandatory direct I can think of moving operations there in the future ;-)

      I really ought to think about taking some classes in labor law somewhere.

      Employing people is a b!tch when ya don't know half of what you're suppose to be doing, or even if you're doing things correctly.


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        Most community colleges and online universities offer a basic course in Employment Law or HR Basics. I'd highly recommend one if you are going to be stuck with HR by default. There are a number of one and two day seminars in HR, but there is a limit to what you can cover in that time frame, and most are as expensive as a course at the community college, if not more.
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          New York law labor 192 (1) & (2)

          ยง 192. Cash payment of wages. 1. No employer shall without the
          advance written consent of any employee directly pay or deposit the net
          wage or salary of such employee in a bank or other financial
          2. This section shall not apply to any person employed in a bona fide
          executive, administrative, or professional capacity whose earnings are
          in excess of six hundred dollars a week, nor to employees working on a
          farm not connected with a factory.
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