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New Virginia Background Check Law Florida

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  • New Virginia Background Check Law Florida

    I am the Compliance/Legal Specialist for a mid-size company and just received an email from a colleague stating they were just informed that the state of Virginia has passed a new law stating that all employees must have a criminal background check in order to work in Virginia. I have researched this and have been unable to locate any new VA law regarding this issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Ask your colleague to provide you with a link to the actual law. Bet he can't do it. And if he can, there are going to be a LOT of people in Virginia who won't be able to get a job any longer. That's nuts.
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      New Virginia Background check law

      Thanks for the assistance!! They do not have a link to this new law only stated they were informed that it existed. As stated, I was unable to locate any new law regarding Virginia and mandatory criminal background checks.


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        That would be because there isn't one. There has been debate on increasing the background checks required to purchase a gun in the state of VA, and that has gotten a lot of press of late with the anniversary of the VA Tech shootings, but nothing that requires background checks for the general working public.
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          New Virginia cirminal background check law

          Thanks again!!


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            Va. - **criminal** background checks are required for (1) security employees, (2) school employees, (3) nursing home employees, (4) hosp. pharmacy employees, (5) home care organizations & hospices, (6) day care & child care facilities, those who care for the disabled and elderly, (7) gun dealers, (8) law enforcement; (9) local officers & employees, (10) lottery dept. employees, (11) mental health providers, (12) mental health service dept. employees, (13) private school employees, (14) animal humane investigators, (15) bail bondsmen, & (16) bail enforcement agents.

            That's what I have as most recent in regard to criminal background checks.
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              I can see that as a possibility.
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