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  • Hiring and Firing Hall of Fame

    In another thread, a topic came up related to someone not getting hired for weird reasons. I mentioned a story of a person I interviewed and didn't hire, and people thought it was funny, so I had an idea.

    Lets have a fun thread for the end of the week. No drama, no hate, no fights, just fun.

    Tell us about the worst or weirdest person you ever interviewed, and hopefully didn't hire.

    Of course we don't want to hear about not hiring someone based on a protected characteristic, 'cause that wouldn't be funny.

    I'll start (it's the same story I told in the other thread).

    I once interviewed a guy who had something hanging out of his nose during the whole interview. I kept compulsively making a "wiping the nose" gesture but he didn't take the hint.
    I tried to pay attention to his answers to my questions, but I kept staring at his nose and thinking, "snot, snot, snot, snot, snot, booger, snot, snot, snot"
    and to this day I don't even know what he said.

    I'm sure someone can top that one! Lets see the stories we can get by Friday at 5.

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    before this gets deleted...

    This will also helpful & educational, teaching interviewees what not to do.


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      I had a guy come in for a management level position.
      He was dressed in a dark suit, dress shirt, nice tie and on his feet were black "crocs".

      Yes, those ugly shoes. He may have been qualified but the bosses were so taken aback by the shoes, it colored the whole interview.
      I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
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        I was interviewing for a shift supervisor position. Sure, it was only at a coffee chain, but it was a well-known coffee chain. We have a dress code for work, but apparently this girl didn't even know how to dress herself. She came to the interview in her pajamas... WITH slippers.

        I was calling a girl to schedule an interview with her and her voicemail message sounded something like this: "You've just called *****. Either I'm not here, or I am but I don't want to talk to you. Maybe I'll give you a call back... if you're not a LOSER! Whatev..." And yes, that last word is "whatev," not "whatever." I politely told her in my message that we didn't feel she was the right fit for us... And to have a nice day.


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          I am usually a lurker but came out for this post.

          I was told by a coworker that an applicant was waiting for me in the customer waiting room. She was applying for a cashier/operator position. I walked out and she was sittin on her boyfriend's lap making out with him! There were customers in the room with them. Also she was dressed very inappropriately.

          I did conduct a brief interview but knew she would not be hired.


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            Some suggestions and some actual examples!

            Dont argue with perspective employers!
            I had an applicant tell me having to fill out an application was stupid and a waste of his time. That he had a resume and that should be sufficient.

            First impressions do count.
            I had a applicant come in wearing a shirt that said "eat Sh** and die" on the front. The back was worse.

            While following up on an application is good-dont make a pest of yourself!
            I have an applicant that calls probably twice a week to ask if there are "any jobs for women." I have explained to her that we dont have jobs for women specifically, I have asked about her skills (basic clerical, some Word and has read the book on excel) and explained to her that the nature of our work requires strong excel.
            She keeps calling back. We wouldnt hire her now since she has become such a pest.

            Ditto for those who put in an application and keep calling back to ask about the status. The postcard we sent says "We have received your application and we'll call you if we want an interview." Calling every day will not make the process work faster and will tend to drop you lower on the list.

            [B]We are looking at your skills, not who you know.
            Peppering your cover letter with the names of all the people you are pals with doesnt get you the job. I need to know what you can do, not who you know!

            Take a serious look at your email address before you use it for job hunting

            An email address such as [email protected]; [email protected] and [email protected] probably do not send the kind of message you want to send when looking for a job
            (I have received applications from all of those addresses BTW.)

            Take a serious look at the message on your answering machine.
            Yes, your child is precious but I dont want to listen to him/her singing twinkle, twinkle little star before I leave a message. Nor do I want to listen to long stretches of your favorite music at the loudest volume possible or anything you think is humorous (especially if you decided it was a good idea when you were under the influence of some alcohol or other substance.

            If I've got 2 applicants that are moderately equal and something like an email address or answering machine message makes me question your judgement, I'll take the other candidate.
            I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
            Thomas Jefferson


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              There was one guy whose cover letter said that he always presented a professional appearance because he bought all of his clothes at Brooks Brothers. This was for a job at a non-profit where the salaries didn't exactly run to Brooks Brothers. We didn't even call him for an interview, but we did get a really good laugh at his expense.
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                A few years ago, I was recruiting for a Desktop Support position. I contacted one candidate who was not able to come in to interview for about 3 weeks. In the meantime, we interviewed another stronger candidate and made him an offer, which he accepted. I then contacted the first candidate to let him know that the position had been filled. (It was still about a week out from when he was originally scheduled to interview.) I left him a voicemail at his home.

                The next morning, I got in to find 2 messages in my Inbox from the candidate, sent within minutes of each other. The first was a vitriolic rant about how unfair and unprofessional we were to 'steal' the job out from under him, blah blah... The second email was a standard, polite 'thank you for your time and please keep me in consideration for future positions.' Umm... don't think so.



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                  hahahahaha I love my new thread!

                  I was just reminded of the applicant who sent me her resume, with her new Ivy League Master's degree, but her e-mail address on the resume was "[email protected]"


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                    I interviewed the guy who put together a 4" binder on everything he could research about our company and brought it with him to the interview. Passed on him.

                    For the same position, interviewed the guy who explained his sporadic job history and length of recent unemployment by sharing, confidentially, that he had testifed in a Senate Hearing in front of Senator. Kennedy and his testimony caused the good senator to blacklist him with employers.

                    The best resume included a yellow sticky note explaining his unique skill set as "being able to drive results with no apparent support or tools - kind of like a corporate McGyver!" Ummm. No thanks.
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                      I interviewed a guy who kept asking me out on a date the entire interview. He said that I was hot.

                      But, I am amazed at the stories above. Amazed.
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                        Previous to myu current position I worked for a temporary agency and I would not even bring people in for interviews if they did not have an appropriate answering machine message. If you are looking for a job, please make it professional.

                        Another story...

                        I had a candidate at a job site...they loved him and him nad another one of our temporary employees interviewed for a perm position with them...long story short, the company asked them if they could do a background check, he did not declose that he had a felony and was let go from the temp position and passed over for the perm position. The convinction would have not allowed him to continue but he also falsified his application with the company and us.


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                          We ran a small ad for a security guard position which read along the lines of

                          Need dependable person with stable work history and good attention to detail. Call 800-XXX-XXXX between the hours of 8 AM and 2 PM, Monday - Friday only.

                          For a reason not relevant here, I had call forwarding set from the office to my home phone for the weekend.

                          The ad appeared first appeared on Saturday morning. I got a call at 10 PM on Saturday.

                          Him -- "I am calling about the ad for a security guard."

                          Me -- "Oh? Did you read the ad?"

                          Him -- "Yes, I did, it is right here with me."

                          Me -- "You don't meet the qualifications."

                          Him -- "What are you talking about?"

                          Me -- "Read the ad to me."

                          He started to, reading one phrase at a time, then commenting, e.g., "I'm dependable". Each time, I would tell him to keep reading.

                          Finally, he got to "good attention to detail."

                          Him -- "I have good attention to detail."

                          Me -- "No, you don't. Read further."

                          He read it and I asked, why, if he had such good attention to detail, he was calling WAY outside the specified times.

                          Him -- "Well, I thought I could leave a message."

                          Yeah, right, which is why we specified the days and times to call.

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                            Do stories about our own interviews count?

                            I arrived for an interview one day to be told that the manager who was to interview me had been fired that morning.
                            The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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                              Originally posted by cbg View Post
                              Do stories about our own interviews count?

                              I arrived for an interview one day to be told that the manager who was to interview me had been fired that morning.
                              Well, it's stories about our own interviews....

                              I arrived for a second interview on May 14th only to find that the woman who had set the interview was out of the office all day that day. The receptionist was very apologetic, but there was nothing to do but leave and go back to my temp job (I was looking for permanent employment after being laid off a year earlier). The next day, I came home and found a message on my home answering machine from the woman cursing me out for making her look back in front of the rest of her office and insisting that the interview was scheduled for May 16th. I was quite sure I didn't agree to an interview on May 16th because 1) it's my grandmother's birthday and 2) I was scheduled to start jury duty that day.

                              During that same year-long job search, I went to one interview where I was asked if I owned a car. I told them that I was waiting to buy a car after I found permanent employment. In the meantime I was carless, but there was very dependable bus service from directly in front of my apartment building to a stop directly in front of the agency. The agency, by the way, helped homeless people by providing them with job training to work in the food service industry. The fact that I didn't have a car prompted a long discussion as to how anyone could survive and get to and from work without a car. I finally snapped and asked them how the formerly homeless people that the agency worked with got to and from their jobs without cars. I didn't get that job.

                              I showed up for one fund raising job at a museum. When I was shown into the hiring manager's office, she took one look at my resume and said, "Oh, no, you're not qualified for this position. I told them not to call you in." Then, to make it up to me for taking time off work and driving an hour to the interview, she gave me a ticket for free admission to the museum.
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