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Requiring Vaccination OR Mask

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  • Requiring Vaccination OR Mask

    Our company briefly discussed requiring employees to get vaccinated but backed off because of the need to navigate medical exemptions and the associated privacy issues. I know at least one person who was vaccinated but can't prove it because they didn't give him a card.
    My boss had another related idea, however. He is wondering if we can legally ask each employee if they've been vaccinated, and put additional requirements on those who did not, such as requiring they wear a mask in some situations where those who have been vaccinated are not required to wear one.
    It seems problematic to me because 1) if we aren't requiring proof, it would be easy enough for an EE to just lie and get out of having to wear the mask. And if someone refuses to get a vaccine and is forced to wear a mask, wouldn't that be like forcing them to wear a sign that says they haven't been vaccinated? Wouldn't that create a privacy issue? It might also make them a target for abuse if they are perceived as being anti-vax.

    I feel like this is REALLY thin ice, and am inclined to recommend to my boss that we look for other ways to stay safe. Any thoughts?

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    The recent opening of vaccination for anyone above 18yrs of age has provided much-needed relief to the working populace. Many private organizations in India have already announced comprehensive employee vaccination programs.

    With universal immunization becoming a reality, many employees are registering on the CoWin platform to get vaccinated quickly and get back to the office. Employee vaccination certificates and records will become part of a new set of HR documents where HR teams will face a new challenge regarding their workforce’s vaccination status.

    This could become as important as identity proof for future digital vaccination passports as and when they are introduced.

    Pocket HRMS has launched the workforce vaccination records management where organization leaders and managers would be able to stay updated with the vaccination details of their employees using customizable dashboards, lists, and reports.


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      Thanks to offer such a helpful response.


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