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Promotion interview question California

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  • Promotion interview question California

    I work for a county agency that is known for being dirty in the hiring process. I applied for a position higher than what I have now to move up. I am qualified and passed the first 2 written tests. When it came time for oral interview, I believe I aced it. My supervisors also believe I aced it. However HR has said I did not make top 3. What I would like to know is if by law I am able to see test results, or interviewer notes. Also, the oral interview was audio recorded. Do I have rights to see this information?

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    Not unless you have a CBA that requires it OR the fact that you are a government employee changes what I am finding at :

    6. Q. Am I entitled to see everything in my personnel file?
    A. No. By law, the right to inspect does not apply to:
    1.Records relating to the investigation of a possible criminal offense.
    2.Letters of reference.
    3.Ratings, reports, or records that were:

    a. Obtained prior to your employment,
    b. Prepared by identifiable examination committee members, or
    c. Obtained in connection with a promotional examination.

    7. Q. What types of records in my personnel file am I entitled to see?

    A. Categories of records that are generally considered to be "personnel records" are those that are used or have been used to determine an employee's qualifications for promotion, additional compensation, or disciplinary action, including termination. The following are some examples of "personnel records" (this list is not all inclusive):
    1.Application for employment
    2.Payroll authorization form
    3.Notices of commendation, warning, discipline, and/or termination
    4.Notices of layoff, leave of absence, and vacation
    5.Notices of wage attachment or garnishment
    6.Education and training notices and records
    7.Performance appraisals/reviews

    8.Attendance records


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      Also, the government often excepts themselves from many standard rules affecting private sector employers. I do not know if this is one of them. CA-DLSE would.
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        Are you asking if you can see your test results and interviewer notes, or those of other candidates?

        I cannot even begin to imagine that you would have the legal right to see any results or notes but your own, if those.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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          I only want my results. I want to know if I was intentionally scores low. Would love to hear the audio from my interview

          QUOTE=cbg;1253867]Are you asking if you can see your test results and interviewer notes, or those of other candidates?

          I cannot even begin to imagine that you would have the legal right to see any results or notes but your own, if those.[/QUOTE]


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            interviews are in and of themselves subjective. Was your supervisor actually in ALL the interviews? you both could believe you "aced" it, but it is very possible so do 3+ other individuals. Unfortunately, in hiring/promotions you generally don't get to see the results/comments. And you definitely wouldn't be able to see anyone elses! So even if you got it back that you "aced" it, you don't know how you compare to everyone else.


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              If you didn't get the promotion due to discrimination then the results of your tests during the interview process may be disclosed during litigation. Otherwise, absent a cba stating otherwise, there's no legal case for you being privy to the results. Like the other posts state, you may have "aced" it but so may have 10 others.


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