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Tuition withheld from final check California

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  • Tuition withheld from final check California

    One of the teachers at the preschool my children attend was recently let go. Her son was also a student there. When she was given her final check, they withheld $1800 in unpaid tuition for her son. Is that allowable? Does it matter that the preschool is part of a synagogue/religious school?

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    This is maybe complicated.
    - Is the employer governmental in nature? A lot of normal CA labor law does not apply to governmental emploeyrs.
    - Did the employee sign anything authorizing the deduction?
    - Was the money actually owed?

    I can give you a pointer to the regular rules, but governmental exceptions are not always spelled out.
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      She is not a government employee. It's a preschool that is part of a synagogue. The money was owed for the 2011-2012 school year and still outstanding after the school year ended. I do not know if she signed anything, so I will assume she did not as it was a surprise to her when she got her final check.


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        She can always file a claim with the DLSE if she chooses. However, if she owed the tuition, she owed the tuition. She might get her wages back but she is still going to need to pay up for tuition. Basically, it is going to be a wash.
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          Thank for your time and input, it was helpful as always.


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