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Wrongfully accused plus more Nevada

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  • Wrongfully accused plus more Nevada

    My manager is accusing me of stealing a customers property, which she has no evidence for and is telling me she will forward the case to loss prevention. I KNOW I have not taking anything, but it is her word against mine. I was also involved in an incident a few months ago as well. We had inventory at the store and had a company come in to count and scan items for us, and had money stolen from me. Why is my manager working harder for a costumer to get her watch back than helping me file a report for the money taken from me? What can I do?

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    You'll just have to wait & see what happens - there is no way we can know. You
    can do no more than tell the truth & wait.
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      get a lawyer if they fire you. I do know of a lady who did that and won after they accused her of theft. When I ran a store and the money came up short in the safe I just replaced it with my own and didnt say anything. I am pretty sure the boss was the one taking it too. Sometimes its the workplace that has a pattern of fireing the employee for theft and not the other way around.


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        I received a call earlier today saying the "stolen property" has been found, but even after my manager still reviewed tapes as if she's checking to see if I came by the store between my days off, she even told me to "stop playing stupid" with her and kept insisting to give her information that I have no idea about. Isn't that considered harrasment?


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          Oh! And when I asked her to file a report about my missing money, she said she is unable to do so because it was the other company's (the scanning company) fault and that she is only responsible for the store... But the incident happened INSIDE THE STORE while we were all on the clock. It's a company hired by my employer. There was no evidence of them taking it either, so can't it also be considered that another coworker took it, therefore placing it under the company's issue. (I hope I am making sense)


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            You may consider the manager's behavior to be harassment, but the law is only concerned with illegal harassment, which is predicated on an individual's race, age, gender, etc. The law would not consider this to be harassment.
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              The manager's behavior sounds pretty standard for someone trying to get a suspect to confess to a crime. The Loss Prevention people I know would be talking the same way.

              You having money stolen by a coworker is not a company issue. It is a problem between you and a coworker.

              The problem with your claim of theft is that you would need to prove you had the money on you when you arrived to work, that you didn't spend or give it to someone and then it was gone. Otherwise the company has no way of knowing if you are pulling a fast one.

              How do you know you didn't drop the money or lose it somewhere?


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                Also, you need to know that employers can fire you, legally, for suspicion of theft, even without evidence. They are not in a criminal court where they have to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

                Also, if you run a business, having a customer have property stolen is a much bigger issue than having an employee having property stolen.


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