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Being pushed out Arizona

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  • Being pushed out Arizona

    I work in a sales position for a company in AZ. There are several sales teams and thus several sales managers. At one point all the managers were shuffled and I ended up with an awful one. He has a horrible negative attitude and lacks any real management ability. When he first became my manager, we have quite a few issues that involved the 2 of us sitting in front of his manager. I learned to keep my mouth shut and eventually was transferred to another team with another manager who I had no issues with. Earlier this year, right before I left for maternity leave, I was put back with awful manager.
    I returned from maternity leave and bit my tongue and worked well with him to the point he thought we were friends. I dealt w my customers complaining about him, I ignored the fact that anytime one of my customers said they couldn't stand dealing with him, he would say it was bc they were racist (I work in telephone sales). His constant negativity took a heavy toll on my morale and thus performance and when an opportunity opened up on the other sales manager's team, I made the request and was able to switch teams. He confronted me about it bc he thought we were getting along fine... I blew it off.
    In Sept, the last month on bad manager's team, I, along with approx 50% of the sales floor were written up for falling below our expected sales goals. In October, I hit all goals set forth in my write up... should be no issue...
    Except it was time for annual reviews, my current manager has not been my manager a majority of the year and bad manager wrote it. With that he took the opportunity to write me up again. Stated I had a negative attitude and issues walking out of a meeting (I was sick and had to quickly excuse myself). He also wrote me up for the 1 sales goal out of 7 I did not hit. This write was given in the middle of the month, so even if I hit all of my goals at the end of this month (I likely will) it is at their discretion in the middle of next month if I am showing consistency (likeliness to hit goals?)
    Clearly, I am being pushed out... The next issue came as I just received my review this week, written by bad manager, and the information he put in there is inaccurate. He states I have problems with a dept (3 specialized individuals on the sales side) and that I was involved in a loud disruptive argument on the sales floor. 1 member of that dept came over and started yelling at me and literally got within inches of my face in an attempt to intimidate me and I had to call my manager over to remove him and he put it as a negative on my review? He also stated that I ask to skip lunches to get overtime, which has never happened at all. These are just 2 examples of the kinds of things he put my annual review that I had to sign (to which I added that I am only signing to acknowledge I received it and would like a mtg with HR to discuss)

    Do I have any legal standing recourse here? And because I was written up, will I be able to collect unemployment if I am unable to secure new employment when I do get fired in a few days?
    Thanks, sorry I have never in my professional life been written up for anything. I have never had the misfortune of working for such an insecure bully for... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And sorry this is a bit wordy...
    Thanks, again.

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    Das ist in der Doktor!

    Sounds as though you see the handwriting on the wall.
    I’d start looking.
    Your manager is not prohibited by law from expressing himself on the subject of your job performance, or anything else for that matter.

    Wait until they fire you and file for UI.
    The state of Arizona will then decide if you if you do or don’t get it.
    Good luck.
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    …you get what you pay for.


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      If you get fired, your chances of getting UI go way up. If you quit, you are
      not likely to get UI but the state makes the final decision in either case.

      Your "employer" (based on your post) is not doing anything that is illegal.

      Good luck to you.
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