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unemployment awarded but now employer is appealing, i already collected Pennsylvania

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  • unemployment awarded but now employer is appealing, i already collected Pennsylvania

    Hello, i had a rough ride with my previous employer. It was a small mom n pop shop and my boss was not the best by any means. Always yelling at workers and being sneaky and going through 10 people in one year for tire changers. I was a mechanic for two years there and delt with it becasue i had bills to pay. Well in a span of one week she wrote down a few things for a written warning and lied on it, i refused to sign it and she told me i would be fired i f i did not. So i signed it with "i do not consent to this" and she stated that if i do not sign my name she will fire me... so i initialed it by my statement. I in return wrote down my story and she refused to sign it.

    On the top of the warning it said i was verbaly warned once. This also had a few lies in it but i had to sign it to keep my job. Wwell a week later another new employee asked me why i did not have a car on the auto rack and i told him i was waiting fro the alignment rack and he began to rasie his voice and yell at me and i tried to explain y i was waiting, at this time the owners daughter (my boss) came out and said that she had enough and i am fired, i asked what for and she said becasue i am a bad seed. I left and filed for unemployment that day, i was awarded it due to she did not provide enough info to show i was insubordinate, she even wrote that it is tough for her to prove i was.

    Now i got a letter saying she is appealing the unemployment after i have been colloceting already.

    What do i do now? Does she have a good case with one written warning? Wwill i have to pay back the money i already got if i lose? Please help and thank you.

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    For future reference, you do not accomplish anything by refusing to sign a warning. Signing does not mean you are admitting to doing what you are accused of or that you agree that you have done wrong; it means you have been advised of management's view on the matter. You can do yourself a lot of harm and do not do yourself any good by refusing to sign.

    As for the rest, your guess is as good as ours as to what the UI commission will decide is "enough" evidence of misconduct. IF the decision to grant benefits is overturned, then yes, you might be asked to pay back what you've received. But there's no way to tell what direction the decision will go.
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