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Blindsided, should I pursue or just move on? Michigan

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  • Blindsided, should I pursue or just move on? Michigan


    Here's the facts as briefly as I can present them.

    Received annual performance evaluation that indicated "fully meets+" requirements of position.

    There were areas for improvement which included better working relationships with staff.

    Agreed to put a plan together to foster better working relationships.

    Submitted plan.

    Plan was altered by an Interim CEO to include termination within 90 days if better working relationships were not achieved as determined by monthly survey. She also added that I was not to meet with any of my staff without her present. I felt this was totally inappropriate, there was no basis for this action and I couldn't see how we could operate on a daily basis, let alone build relationships.

    (I know this sounds like I must have been a real ******* to people. Not the case! It had more to do with a management style they weren't use to and contentious union negotiations. The operation had five directors in ten years, the staff had developed tight silos to survive...I was just one more change agent they had to put up with. We (the former CEO and I) had just recently downsized, cut benefits, uncovered employee theft and were involved in an ongoing strategic planning process)

    I was asked to sign agreement that day or be charged with insubordination.

    Asked for a couple of hours to think about it. Granted.

    Wasn't willing to sign, I felt totally blindsided, I was sincere at building better relations
    and it just felt like a crappy way to deal with a complex issue. (Pride cometh before the fall)

    Figured I would be fired for insubordination, cleaned out my desk and brought my keys and credit card to turn in. Indicated that I was not resigning, but that I would be terminated for insubordination. They asked if I wanted to further discuss, felt I needed to just keep my mouth shut as I was in total shock...couldn't believe this was happening. Didn't want to say anything to dig the hole deeper. (Not sure why I did this, just went into robot mode, wish I could have handled differently!)

    They said ok and took my keys and credit card.

    Later received a letter that I resigned, letter did indicate that I had specifically indicated that I was not resigning but the act of cleaning out my office and turning in key indicated otherwise.

    Still had 6 months left on a two year contract. I can request arbitration with the goal of being paid for the remainder of the contract.

    We both could have handled this much more professionally thats for sure, but I still think it was inappropriate to include a termination clause in an improvement plan to improve on a "fully meets expectations+" job review.

    I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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    It not only wasn't inappropriate, it was SOP. It's so SOP that in 20 years I've never heard of a PIP that didn't have a termination clause. And perfectly legal.


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      Also, you would need the advise of an employment law attorney in your state to see if anything at all that transpired here was a breach of your contract. Other than that, you have no legal recourse. File for unemployment immediately, if you have not already done so.
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        No one here can say whether you will receive UI benefits based on what you
        posted - that will be the state's decision. However, definitely apply as suggested.
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          Learning something new everyday.

          Originally posted by eerelations View Post
          It not only wasn't inappropriate, it was SOP. It's so SOP that in 20 years I've never heard of a PIP that didn't have a termination clause. And perfectly legal.
          That being the case, I shouldn't have been so shocked/offended, just didn't seem like a supportive action.

          Thanks for your reply!
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