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Different location...different pay? Virginia

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  • Different location...different pay? Virginia

    Hello. I have a few things I'm confused about at my job and need some help. I currently work in a position where you can clock in at different pay rates. Sometimes you clock in as a Cashier and sometimes you clock in as a Shift Supervisor....When I was hired, I was told that when I opened in the mornings, I would be paid as Shift Supervisor....a year later, I was told this wasn't right and that I only get paid as Supervisor from 5-9am and from 9-1pm I am paid as cashier....then 2 months later I am told that I am only going to get paid as Cashier when I open...and will get paid as Supervisor when I close and no other manager is clocked in. I thought this was wrong because I wasn't hired this way and talked to my District Manager about it. She told me I was misinformed by my hiring manager and that it was policy. So I continue working at the Cashier rate.

    Recently I worked in a different store about 10 minutes away from my home store. I find out that the Shift Supervisors there get paid as Supervisor for all shifts no matter it be opens or closes, even if another manager is clocked in. Once again I talked to my District Manager about it only to be told it's not true. It is true because I saw the payroll go in as Supervisor pay and have been told by the Supervisors that work there that they never get payed as a Cashier. I was even paid as Supervisor for the two opening shifts I worked there, which I would of been paid as Cashier if I had worked them in my home store. Both stores are in the same division and are supposed to follow the same policy. Can they legally do this?

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    As long as you get minimum wage and overtime when required, yes, it is legal. It's something you'll have to work out with the employer; the law is silent on this issue.
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      Labor law is law imposed by the government on the parties (employee and employer). This mostly means minimum wage and overtime. The government does not care what a cashier makes compared to a non-cashier. This is not a labor law issue.

      Your employer may have internal rules on this, but no one on this website would know what those rules are. Or if the rules were formulated in such a ways as to be legally enforcable in court. You might try politely talking to your employer's Human Resources department.
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