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Garnishment FL Florida

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  • Garnishment FL Florida

    I have an employee who worked for us for about a month and then quit. During that month I recieved a garnishment (child support) order. I garnished the required amount for 2 weeks and sent the money to the state. After that I received another notice saying to stop the garnishment (it was being taken out of his pay at his other job). Two weeks after he quit his atty called and wanted documentation of how much i had sent to the state. I told him I could not give it to him because garnishments are confidental and he would have to talk to the state. I also told him that the garnishment amounts are shown on his paystubs. (which the employee apparently threw away)

    The ex-employee just called today and said he has a court hearing today and must have the documentation by 1:30. The state has records of what they have received and the employee should have kept his stubs.

    Am i required to supply them with the documentation?

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    No, you're not obligated to but why wouldn't you? All he needs is a single sentence on your company's letter head signed by you stating that $XXX was deducted for pay period ending [date] for child support. It won't take more than a couple of minutes.


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      Your right, there is no reason not to. I will go ahead and do it, I just didnt know if it was required. Thanks!


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