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Asked to Resign... now what? Washington

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  • Asked to Resign... now what? Washington

    Today I was asked by my employer of the past 18 months to resign my position or be terminated for cause. This was the first time anyone in the company has mentioned performance issues on the job. I was basically told by management that they had lost confidence in my ability to perform my duties and that they had not other options. I'm not sure where all this steamed from other than my walking in 2-3 minutes late the last couple days. Like I said nobody mentioned that's this was a problem and was not a habitual occurrence, hell the employee manual doesn't even address lateness or working hours, which for me can vary day to day.
    I know I had several disagreements with management ... especially over lunch breaks; we routinely worked 8 hours with no break or asked to work over 40 hours a week with no comp time.
    Now I'm stuck in a bad position and I took the option of resigning, they had already prepared the letter; rather than being terminated for cause since i was an "at-will" employee, and filed for unemployment today. How do I explain myself to UI and my reason for quieting?
    I think this was a blessing in disguise, since was really unhappy with the job, and didn't really fit into the culture of the organization and was actually looking for work in another field.
    My many issue now is how to collect UI benefits so i can keep food on the table and a roof over my kids heads.

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    You file for UI and tell the truth. If denied you appeal


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      Generally speaking, "resign or be fired" is the same thing when it comes to UI. Your choice, though. Resigned looks better on a job application. Fired looks better to the UI commission.
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        It looks like you already took the option of resigning. You tell the UI folks the truth - ie that you were told to resign or be fired.
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          I agree with Betty, and I would add, when you complete the claim form and when you talk to the UI folks, say it the way she did -"I was told to resign or be fired". Do not say as you did in your initial post "fired for cause".

          The reason is, if you use that terminology to UI, they will open an investigation to determine the cause which will delay your benefits, and possibly result in your claim being denied.

          In your post, you indicate you don't know what "the cause" would be. So you can correctly report "resign or be fired" and let the company raise the issue if they wish to challenge your claim. UI will ask the company for their side of the story. It's anybody's guess what they will say, quite possibly allegations of misconduct that you've never heard of before. -- if that happens and you don't know how to respond, re-post giving us the company's story.

          <As an aside, for anyone else reading this thread, when given the choice of "resign or be fired" I would almost always recommend, let them fire you.>
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