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Unemployment While Ending Job?!?! Florida

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  • Unemployment While Ending Job?!?! Florida

    If my boss and I are ending on good terms and he is choosing to fire me but I am willing enough to stay on for a week or two until he finds a replacement....can i file for unemployment now. Giving them the date at which my job will be ending and this way we get all the "appeals" and things out of the way ahead of time and i can start collecting from day one of no job? Also...since im doing this to be nice (clearly) id expect him NOT to contest the unemployment...even though he has no case he can still delay things and make hassle and maybe even out of pure luck or connections he gets OUT of this after i do a nice thing for him--i dont want that to happen. So it would also allow me to see him NOT argue any points. I mean i will be fired at date X that he and I agree on...but do i have to wait if i know thats the end result.
    clearly if i kept the job i wouldnt collect but im not staying there so that wont matter much.

    didnt know if anyone can help in this in FL by the way--thanks!!!!

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    I am not in Florida.

    However, in my state, a perfectly clean claim in which there is no possible question of the employee qualifying and which the employer is not contesting, it will take a MINIMUM of three to four weeks from the day you file the claim till the day you get the first check.

    My state is fairly standard. I wouldn't expect Florida to be any different.

    And just so you know, I realize from your past posts that you are desperate to leave your job under any circumstances as long as you can get unemployment, but if you and your boss agree that he will "fire" you just so that you can collect, be advised that the UI offices of just about any state are going to see right through that as a quit and deny benefits.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      good to know....but thing have changed from earlier posts as far as me wanting to quit...i guess the way he sees things after he and i talked about more money is that he doesnt want me around any more and is going to fire me!
      the thing is...that he has been nice to me and i was thinking of giving him a week or two so i can still be paid (even at a lower wage) and thought that if we had an "agreed" date...maybe i can knock two weeks off of that 3-4 week process about....i didnt mean to make this sound like some sort of "scam" type the end he is gonna fire me...ive just never been in this situation and i guess im worried that if i say he fired me and he says no that it was me who wanted more money and quit or something that i dont know if ill have time to argue in court or however they do it for a few weeks then wait another month until i get paid---thats 2 months without pay and i thought it would be better to speed things up...but yeah you are right if this sounds shady at all, i surely dont want to get in trouble so i WONT bring this up to anyone...its not the case so there is no reason to make it sound as such.

      im finally done here but ive learned a thank you VERY much for all your help...its been GREAT!!! i cannot thank you enough!!! best of luck to everyone out there lookin for jobs!!!


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        Sorry, no, you can't file until you've actually completed your last day of work.
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          Agree with Patty & Fl. law requires that the effective date of your claim will be the Sunday prior to the day you file the claim.
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