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What gives? Georgia

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  • What gives? Georgia

    October 15 - employer gets letter from psychopath liar I was unprofessional
    Monday Nov 3 - My presence is requested in the managers office
    HR is present
    employer says I received complaint
    employer has terms, I am fired for improper behavior OR I can resign
    After BRIEF discussion on proper etiquette, and obvious decision already reached, I realize I have no voice; no warning; nothing
    (company recently taken over by larger organization, downsizing)
    I chose "Employee Resignation"

    Nov 6 - Apply for UI; reason for seperation - too many absences from work, to care for dying mother (which is true)
    Nov 13 - a week later, counselor tries to call my home. I'm not home - my mother is dying in the hospital
    Nov 24 - a week later, Mom dies. Letter comes in mail with DENIAL of benefits
    REASON: employer says I QUIT because of disagreement with co worker

    I appeal
    Dec employer writes email to question the inaccurate appeal wording, saying I'm not accurate in my appeal??
    I write employer to say both parties are 'factually inaccurate' and further, write I will talk with the Claims Examiner about the Appeal.

    What's wrong with this picture? I'm anxious to hear any and all about this

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    What's wrong with the picture is that you're spending your energy in the wrong place.

    You resigned. Whether you felt is was a better option for you or not is irrelevant. If you want to claim that you were terminated, the employer is going to say you were terminated for too many absences, which you admit, so you wouldn't receive benefits, anyway (firing for cause).

    You MIGHT have been able to claim FMLA, but I believe you have to notify the employer in advance. I don't think you can make a retroactive claim that you missed too much work for that reason.

    As for the first part of your story, if an anonymous complaint from one person causes an employer to terminate you, then your job was on shaky ground, anyway. Find another job, learn what's expected of you and do it. And make sure you're on the job when you're supposed to be there. if you must miss due to illness of a family member, find out if FMLA applies in advance.


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      It seems you resigned & normally you cannot receive UI benefits if you resign.

      Of course, it doesn't cost anything to appeal.
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