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?????confused Nevada

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  • ?????confused Nevada

    today i was sent off duty by supervisor over an incident occurring last week...the fact that im not guilty as anyone could see is aside from ; i was told HR would be conducting an investigation...i was required to write a statement....the other person involved had written a statement.....

    I have no idea of what im being accused of
    i have no clue as to what time frame HR will be in touch with me

    i left after submitting my ID and keys, tearful, and SO confused....

    I am 42 yrs old
    head of household
    2months shy of successful 1 year probation period
    3 above average ++ evaluations
    perfect time and attendance (in 10 mo.)
    get along positively with coworkers, clients...

    I dont know if im fired, or gonna be fired, but its unfair and i deserve some time frame of what happens and...on & on....

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    It may or may not be fair, but I haven't seen anything illegal yet. You have apparently been suspended pending the resolution of the investigation. IF you are an exempt employee, there are only certain conditions under which you can be suspended without pay; if you are nonexempt, there are no such prohibitions.

    I find it hard to believe that you were being asked to write a statement about an "incident" (apparently you did so) and you have no idea what that "incident" might be; if you are stating there was an "incident" then you must have some inkling about what is being investigated. Without knowing what the alleged incident was, I'm not sure we can help you further.
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      i was required to write a statement About??? You must have some idea what you're being accused of, otherwise how could you possibly write a statement that is in any way pertinent?


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        "The Incident"

        yes, i wasnt specific about that incident...what my confusion was, I dont know what the other employee could of possibly wrote in his statement that would have caused such an effect....

        here goes:

        upon my arrival to work that day, i walked up to my co-worker and said "plink" as if i was to plink him in the back of his head....please note the atmosphere amongst this group has always been freindly, playful...

        at that time he yelled at me "GO AHEAD AND TRY IT AND ILL BREAK YOUR F*$#ING FACE!!"

        Surprised to say the least, i said, 'are you SERIOUS!"

        He answered the same statement as above....I looked at another co-worker who was sitting 5 feet away and he was also with a look of surprise..Still not sure if this guy was for real, and if NOT, not comfortable with this level of play, if that was what this was, i left the room.

        Outside, this co-worker approached me and i thought he was apologizing, but instead told me I should ask a person before I play around, especially when theyre alreday having a bad day. I calmly told him im not a mind reader and by all means it will NEVER happen again.

        Later, on a lunch break I told my supervisor since he was aware something had happened, and our conversation took place in front of another co-worker (who in the past has had problems with this person) who told our supervisor that what he did was totally out of line and he needs to talk to him...

        we continued our shift with no further incident.

        My apologies for this lengthy note...and my original posts misleading fact about not knowing what was it about...Ive been SO upset, and trying to figure this out. Any input would be appreciated. Advice? Anything, good or bad....Im worried.... Thanxxx


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          All you can do is be honest about what happened and hope your employer finds you the more credible and is willing to overlook the incident.
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            The problem with "playful" work places is this type of thing often happens.


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              Your employer is doing nothing illegal in suspending you and doing an investigation. All you can do is wait until the investigation is over & see what is decided. You also need to be truthful about everything. Good luck.
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