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Quit job- appealing unemployment California

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  • Quit job- appealing unemployment California

    I quit my job a month ago, applied for UI and was denied, now I am appealing and need some help. I am a single mom and my (ex) boss pulled me in his office in January and told me that I was missing too much work and I needed to watch my hours. I was missing work because my son was sick. I explained this to him but he said nothing. A month later same thing, except this time they cut my pay to hourly (came out to $2000 less per year) and he told me that if I don't work 40 hours every week, meaning no sick days, etc. he would take away my benefits. I had a severe anxiety attack and my doctor put me on 3 weeks disability when I came back he told me I was no longer the Marketing Manager that I was to be the bookkeepers assistant and he would see how things continue. During that time he had me making brochures for his church retreat (work that had nothing to do with the business). I had to set aside my work to do his personal church work. Then I was informed by the operations manager that if I did not do my job I would be replaced. Because I could not continue without knowing if I would have benefits for my son and I or a steady paycheck I gave them my 2 weeks notice.

    I was refused UI because my ex-boss told EDD that he would have given me another job but that is completely false because there was no other job for me to fill.

    Is an appeal possible???

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    Usually you don't get unemployment ins. benefits when you quit (you said you gave your 2 weeks notice). However, it never hurts to appeal. Just tell the truth during the appeal.
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      Because I could not continue without knowing if I would have benefits for my son and I or a steady paycheck I gave them my 2 weeks notice. So it's better to have NO paycheck and NO benefits? What am I missing?

      Is an appeal possible??? Sure. Whether the State will reverse their initial determination and award benefits is doubtful though.


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        The only thing that MIGHT save your benefits here is the "reasonable person" standard, i.e. that the conditions were so outrageous that a "reasonable person" would have no choice but to quit. That's a pretty high bar to leap, however, but it's the only chance you may have. The state may or may not agree.
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          If you were missing too much time from work, they could reprimand you for it. Telling you that you must start improving your attendance is not the kind of eggregious behavior that would be justification to quit your job. If it wasn't working with you as a manager and missing time, they could legally transfer you to another position. What duties you perform is at the descretion of the employer. If the employer wants you to make a flyer, you make a flyer. I too am baffled why no job and benefits would be preferable to the job you had, even if you were making 2K less a year. You can always look for another job and leave once you get a firm offer elsewhere.
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