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seemingly screwed in Florida

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  • seemingly screwed in Florida

    thanks ... my questions were answered..... editing due to anonymity
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    All you can do if you happen to be turned down for unemployment ins. is appeal. During the appeal, you just need to answer the questions asked & tell the truth.

    Based on your post, your employer did nothing illegal as long as you weren't discriminated against/let go because of a protected "class" (ie age, gender, religion.)
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      thanks for the reply.... i figured as much....

      what can i do to prepare for the seemingly endless false truths i'm sure they have coached their employees about...?

      I'm left with only the truth since all my efforts to collect "cya" evidence somehow disappeared from my desk...

      And your sure there is no foundation against my former employer for termination for "job performance" (as bland as that maybe) even though they failed to provide me with any training for my position... As well, i was unable to access certain data to informatively follow correct procedures (after, time-after-time i requested this to be fixed and assured it would be, to no avail)...? I am by no means a lawyer, but that seems negligent and unethical.

      I'm sure employees are forced from positions everyday. Whether it be discrimination of: sex, origin, & religion; but, is there anything that might attribute to personality conflicts. (i.e. discriminated because they believe 'you' just don't fit in?)?



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        No law prohibits an employer from terming an employee for job performance.

        No law requires an employer to provide training.

        So no, you have no legal recourse against your employer on that basis.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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          [QUOTE=floridajoe;981871is there anything that might attribute to personality conflicts. (i.e. discriminated because they believe 'you' just don't fit in?)?[/QUOTE]

          Only if not fitting in is because of some protected characteristic (like being a Protestant when eveyone else is Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or being Hispanic when everyone else is Anglo). You get the drift. Nothing illegal here.
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            ok .... thought so... just figured i would ask...

            thanks for the info...


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