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wrongfully accused and terminated Tennessee

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  • wrongfully accused and terminated Tennessee

    i worked for a major corporation for over 19 years. not one bad report during this entire time. i worked evening shift and one morning i received a call at home from the hr manager. i answered the phone and he asked for me . i stated this is him. he said we have a problem. we know you are a thief and have been taking our items and selling them on your ebay site.i asked do what? he again stated this and then went on to tell me that i was being suspended and was not allowed on company property or to have contact with anyone at the company. this was on a friday morning. he then said that the police were investigating this and he would contact me monday about charges being pressed. i immediately called our attorney and he instructed me not to say a word to anyone until they contacted me and then to inform him. 4 months went by and not one word. then i get a registered letter through the mail stating i was being terminated for theft and misapproriation of company property. filed a grievance with our union of which they let the firing stand. filed an appeal with union regional office and without any meeting, arbitration, etc. received a letter stating they accepted company decision. filed for unemployment and was denied. filed an appeal and got a hearing. finally got to present my side of the story while the company presented theirs. i won my unemployment case. company did not appeal.
    they found out the item in question was discarded in the trash and my supervisor who was over purchasing,shipping, and products had told me i could have it from garbage. his testimony was paramount at my hearing.

    my question is this. do i hae any legal recourse in this matter. my friends and coworkers have all told me that they have heard i was terminated for stealing. people in our community have asked me about it. i mean i did nothing wrong and this is what happens. no charges ever filed, i was never asked a question by anyone during this ordeal. as for finding a new job, i did not mention that i lost my left hand in an accident at this same place about 14 years ago, had a heart attack and seven bypasses done seven years ago so this is very improbable. during all of this i missed 6 weeks after losing my hand and ten weeks after the heart attack. since all this, i have lost my vehicle to reposesion, not been able to purchase my heart medication or see my phycisian due to loss of insurance,on the verge of losing our home, and i can not state the stress and home problems this has caused.

    any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    It is legal to terminate someone for suspected theft.


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      There is no legal recourse - your termination was not illegal.

      Since you won your UI appeal - collect your UI & look for other employment.

      Good luck. Might have been unfair but not illegal.
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        thanks both for the replys and help. finally spoke with an attorney today and he informed me that since they did not do the same to another employee they accused of theft that we might be looking at handicap discrimination and also slander case because they are still saying i was caught stealing and terminated. he has agreed to look at all the evidence and the reports that i paid for from a court reporter to record during the unemployment appeal (where their witnesses as well as mine were under oath) and if he is satisfied with this he will take my case. also discussed with me the union procedure and why i was never allowed to attend any of the grievance hearings when this is standard procedure of our union.


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          Throw the union into the mix, though, and now you have a different issue. Have you complained to your local union steward or president that you were not allowed to have a union representative with you during these conversations as required by the contract?
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