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Need A Lawyer to Recover Missing Wages Georgia

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  • Need A Lawyer to Recover Missing Wages Georgia

    Hi everybody,

    I believe I need to hire a lawyer. Here's why:

    I recently lost my job. It was not an amicable parting -- I was on the verge of quitting when they fired me. Prior to my departure, I was paid on an hourly basis, for which I would submit electronic timesheets.

    In my last month, I billed a certain number of hours. I was paid for less than half of them. For me, this amounts to about a $4,000 difference. So far, there is no explanation why they have chosen to pay me the number of hours they picked. I've asked via email, but knowing them as well as I do, I fully expect a runaround.

    I know from reading other posts that my rights under Georgia employment law are pretty scarce, so I know there's not going to be an easy fix for this. I need a lawyer. Trouble is, I don't know how to find one.

    I googled, and came across a "free consultation". Sounded good, so I called them, and as it turns out, a "free consultation" really means $250 -- and if I cancel my appointment with more than 24 hours notice it will cost me $25 processing. I'm on the phone with these jokers for less than five minutes, don't yet know if they can help me, and already they're telling me how much they're going to charge me if I'm a baad client. I have full confidence in their ability to collect from me, but I have nothing by which to gauge their ability to collect from my former employer.

    I know legal services are not free, but they could at least *pretend* to be interested in the case before offering to charge me high consultations and penalties after a hasty retreat from a bait-and-switch.

    I've had lots of experience with lawyers, mainly immigration lawyers, and the experiences have been about 95% negative. I've been charged to get told that legal help was impossible (it wasn't), I've been charged by the hour for a different lawyer who showed up late, and I've been charged $1,500 for six weeks of "research" on how to set up a simple consulting corp by a lawyer who doesn't do anything else but set up corporations. I've gotten legal advice on laws that turned out not to exist by a different lawyer, and told by another that other laws didn't exist that actually did. I've been advised by yet another one to go ahead and break the law with impunity. I know that there *are* good lawyers out there -- I finally found good ones for taxes and immigration -- so maybe I just don't know how to look properly.

    So I'm going back to the community to beg for help. I need legal help to determine if I can recover my missing wages in the most economical means possible, and maybe even recover legal fees if possible. Is there a lawyer in the audience, or can someone direct me to a decent one?

    Can anybody help?

    Thanks all.

    ps. I got a new job, which starts tomorrow, with a company that *will* pay me.
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    Sorry but this site specifically prohibits referrals. You can file with the DOL directly for unpaid wages and skip the lawyer entirely. This process is free if cost is a concern.

    If you need a lawyer, I suggest contacting friends and acqauintences for recommendations, or perhaps the local law school or bar association.
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      Anyone can send me a private message (deleted) if it is prohibited to use this board's resources directly for me to find help.

      I will hold this board and the community at large harmless from whatever result comes out of whomever contacts me.

      Cost is not the concern (within reason). Throwing money down a hole -- or at a lawyer's ego -- with only an illusory chance of recovering what I'm missing *does* concern me.

      I don't know anyone who has ever been in this situation, or even one resembling it, so there is no one I can ask. Asking the bar association or law school is tantamount to flipping through the yellow pages, and see the results of that strategy above.
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        If anyone wants to contact you, they may use the site's PM feature. Your personal identification has been deleted for your own protection.

        I know of few if any message boards that permit direct referrals. We do not.
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          okay .
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            You are not exempt from the rules of the board, which prohibits referrals and the publication of indentifiable private information.
            The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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              Listen to what Elle said. You don't need a lawyer. Just contact the DoL. It's free and they stand a much better chance of getting you what you are owed with NO cost to you.

              By the way, if you have copies of the electronic timesheets that will be a BIG plus for you and make DoL's job easier - which means faster.


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                You can file a claim with the DOL or you can sue in small claims court without a lawyer. If you don't feel comfortable going the court route, then definitely contact the federal DOL. Ga. has a very weak DOL & if you contacted them, they would probably refer you to the fed. DOL.
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