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California termination California

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  • California termination California

    So, I am in a situation right now that just doesn't sit right with me. I work for a small business in California, and last week my employer came to me regarding a blog I posted on an online site, where I expressed general frustration about my work. My profile, not the blog specifically, came up in a search of the company name (which has now been changed), although in the post itself I never once mentioned the company name, or my boss' name. My employer's concern was not about my frustration, but that I posted something about them specifically. The conversation ended with me having to leave my keys and "take some time to think over the course of action." Looking back, it is clear to me that my employer has known about this post for at least a month, and waited until I had finished an important project to bring it up, as well as essentially tricked me into training my replacement.

    What I'd like to know is this: Can I be fired over something of this nature, with no warnings? It by no means interfered with my work, and (as far as I have been informed) I have NEVER had any complaints against me from customers or co-workers, nor have I had any formal write-up of any kind, yet my employer's actions have made it very clear they want me gone. If important, I have also never signed any sort of contract with the company, except for a W4.

    Any input would be helpful, I feel like I'm being forced out of a job I'm good at and love, yet simultaneously don't feel like I can stay in such an awkward situation, unless I know for a fact the law's on my side.


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    It is absolutely legal to terminate you for this and not at all uncommon. When you post online, it is public record and bashing your employer publicly, whether by name or not, need not be tolerated. Unless you have a contract or union agreement that specifies otherwise, they need not warn you first or follow any particular procedure before firing you.
    I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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      California is an at-will employment state & you can be terminated at any time for any reason not protected by law (ie age, religion, gender) or unless you have a CBA or bona fide employment contract to the contrary. It's just like you could have quit your job at any time for any reason w/o a contract to the contrary.

      Posting a blog online about your "work" is not a good idea.
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        Posting on public forums can and have cost jobs! Even things you post of this site can come up in search engines. That is why its encouragfe that you not use names or anything that can ID you! Yes you can be fired for what you say about your company on internet. I know of half a dozen or more cases of persons losing their jobs for that exact reason. Your user name should not ID you (real name, email etc) your post should not as well. I can tell you that Target actually employs persons to troll website looking for troublemakers of all kinds. Thats right theri only job is to read blogs, forums etc looking for person giving away secrets, committing theft or any number of wrongdoings. When you post protect yourself and dont giv einfo that can ID you!!


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