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Boss threatened to Kill, swearing Michigan

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  • Boss threatened to Kill, swearing Michigan

    My husband has been working 70+ hours as a food and beverage manager (which means that he manages employees in a restaurant/lounge) week at his job where his boss constantly swears and yells at her employees, including my husband.

    My husband told her he was going to look for a new job because he couldn't handle the stress of working there and she had told him that 70 hours a week wasn't enough, that he woul dhave to put in MORE hours. After that she began to treat him really poorly yelling at him in front of his employees, swearing at him, and constantly berrating him.

    Finally one day on the phone while my husband was heading a meeting that is held at the same time and place every week, his boss calls and EXPLODES because she was not at the meeting (though she never requested to be there). There were 5 other people in the room that heard her over the phone because she was screaming so loud. She proceeded to use the "f" word 5 or 6 times and then finally said that she was "going to come down there and kill someone" because she was so mad.

    My husband felt threatened that she actually would come down there and do something, and after weeks of constant stress (which has forced him to lose sleep, and go on anti-depressants/anti-anxiety medicine) he handed in his keys and left before she got back.

    2 days later, the same lady went down to the restaurant and began yelling and swearing at a manager there because the manager went to the bathroom and "didn't tell her boss where she was." So the manager also couldn't handle the stress anymore and walked out.

    Is there anything that can be done against the company?

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    Sounds like she's a real piece of work, but being a world class jerk is not illegal.
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      No. She didn't violate any employment laws, she just wasn't a good manager. Move on and put it behind you.
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        Is there anything that can be done against the company? It's already happening - good employees are walking out the door because she is a completely irrational abusive jerk. Hopefully your husband will find a new position with more reasonable hours and where he's treated respectfully.


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          If she keeps this up, she will find she has no employees to be abusive to since they will all leave.
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