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Do I have a leg to stand on?

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  • Do I have a leg to stand on?

    Good afternoon

    I was told I was gettting my contract renewed, but a few days before it expired my supervisor said I am hold interveiws for your position and that i can apply. I was told I had no work left on the thursday and I had to leave by monday.(retrench me so someone else can take my place? meaning there was still a job that was needed to be done?) I was told i did my jos 100% but he needs 120%. the guy he hired did not even last 6 months. i was isolated , hardly got help when I needed it and when they {management }needed me to stand in for them , I had to do it without question. my best friend died and asked for time off but I was told (half jokingly) that I will have time off when I loose my job.. this was said before i was told my contract was renewed. I had the cleanest work area, no incidents and no accidents since I was there (received recognition for it ) because the staff trusted me and respected me. I was always made to feel like I could loose my job at any second. I never felt secure but i still did my job 100% like he said. 120% was not possible due to covid 19, so i believe it was personal and I lost at least 6 months that he said i had if not more. I become homeless and later moved in with my parents, i lost my car , had to sell all my stuff and due to me thinking i had 6 months extra I was thrown into the street. Was also was told i would get a month pay extra for leaving but never did.
    i believe it was personal as just before this i had a disciplinary hearing for not letting my supervisor know I went home early like the general manager had instructed us to do at our own digression during the state of emergency. As i was worried about my own health and tried to avoid crowded areas. I received a written warn and this should have been the end of it .right?

    do I have a case ?
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