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Ghosted by my employer, but I remain an "no-show"

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  • Ghosted by my employer, but I remain an "no-show"

    Indiana; "local" federal agency. seniority-based. union.

    In Dec., I and another temp worker were told by our federal employer that temp positions were to end on 12/31, per higher ups. I was hired first (in May); she second (July). This agency runs on strict seniority.

    A few days before 12/31, local boss said he'd gotten employment extensions for us. Next day, subordinate supervisor calls me and says my paperwork has "been lost in email" and they'll call me when it's resolved. Other temp's paperwork arrived without issues. She had more flexibility, but they couldn't keep her unless they kept me. I needed to be "offed", somehow.. Texts and calls were not returned.

    Since that time, I'm still an active employee. This was confirmed by non-local HR (800 number). I'm classified as a no-show, each day on my virtual timecard. It's in their interest to make me look AWOL, because they can keep the other temp without going through the red tape of petitioning for new hire. Same situation is happening to another person. The major HR, located out of state, keeps sending me back to the local branch. What now? Whom do I contact or report his situation to? I'm not looking to get this job back or complain about losing my job--I know Indiana is an employment-at-will state. I don't want them conveniently using me as a position filler.
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