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harrassement from employees

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  • harrassement from employees

    Everyday that I get up i dread going to work when I get there i have to put up with a group of employees who tell me that I am a loser put signs on my back that say loser dork they teel me to go back to NY cause thats where the losers live and my boss that sees this stands back and laughs they hit me with clip boards all over my body i dont know what to do please help

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    What a horrible group of people. Can you talk with someone more senior than your boss, such as his manager? Or, is there a Human Resources Manager you can speak with?
    Lillian Connell

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      Try a hidden video recorder then sue them buy the buisness then ffire them all. Then sell buisness and retire travel the world.


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        Hidden Video

        A hidden video camera can violate state laws so be very careful. Also, contrary to public belief, the odds to win a lot of money out of illegal harassment issue is very small. Pursue this internally. You are much better off in the long run.
        Lillian Connell

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          Look into filing assault and battery charges against these people. You should be able to get some information by talking to a legal aid group or lawyer. Most lawyers will allow you to explain your problem and give you a brief answer without charging, and they have to tell you about how much they think it will cost to bring a private lawsuit.

          But really, you are describing a crime: assault and battery. You cannot be disciplined by being fired for exercising your right to file a criminal complaint with the local police. If there is some reason you are afraid to do that, you should be able to get some help from an advocacy group.

          If you file an assault and battery complaint against at least one individual, the police HAVE TO investigate it and you will probably find that there are at least a couple of people who will tell the police the truth about what has gone on, even if they are afraid to show you that they are on your side.

          Most people will not lie to police, and the police can usually tell if people are refusing to answer questions because they are either afraid of someone or are hiding something.

          The next time someone sticks a sign on your back, save it and bring it to the police. They had to touch you to stick it on your back and they had to leave fingerprints on it, right? Touching you is assault and battery, even if you are not injured. The sign is proof that it happened and you should also name each person who was in the room when it happened, whether they are good or bad people doesn't matter. The police will only need to prove that it happened and they can do that by asking the people to answer a few questions.

          Once the police show that you are telling the truth, even if they can't prove everything, if they can just prove part of what you say, then they will give your complaint to the district attorney and the district attorney will bring charges or ask for more investigation and you will not have to pay for that.

          Once people realize that you have the same rights as everyone else to be treated with respect, they will stop harassing you.


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            jjones, I'm very sorry you are going through this. The people you are working with are truly awful.

            As an other poster pointed out, criminal laws may be being violated when they hit you with the clipboards. Whether any employment laws are being violated depends entirely on WHY they are doing this? Because of your race? Your national origin? Your religion? A handicap you have? Your gender?

            Please post back and comment on why you believe these horrid co-workers are treating you this way. The answer is important.


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              Actually, jjones, it ias NOT important why they hit you. This is the USA, and in no civilized country like this, is it allowed for people to hit other people.

              You did not stop being a human being with full equal rights when you took that job. It does NOT matter what color or anything else you are.

              These people should be arrested by police and brought before a regular judge.

              This is NOT a labor problem, it is assault and battery.


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                Actually, delia, it does matter. If he is being treated this way for a reason that violates employment laws, he might be able to ultimately file a illegal harassment complaint IN ADDITION to an assault charge. You don't want to limit his options.
                The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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                  Delia, the fact that they hit him AT ALL is violates criminal statutes. Whether the poster has an additional claim to bring under employment regulations depends on WHY they hit him.


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                    My response was not intended to ignore labor charges, but to point out that those are in fact secondary to the most serioous crime, and that no one has to prove discriminatory intent to prove assault and battery, because intent really doesn't matter, except perhaps in the degree of punishment. If it happened, it happened.


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