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Minnesota-Discrimination? Favortism? Character Defamation?

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  • Minnesota-Discrimination? Favortism? Character Defamation?

    Well I read the quickie discrimination and it was quite enlightening - most of it I was aware of.
    So this will be difficult to describe, so I will keep it short.

    What happens when you have an exceptional employee start, new Ideas, even implements many of them, and within months, promoted to management. Even then he does not hold back. Things change, and start to look good. Great with employees and customers alike.
    Problem, because these are changes, and many of them are not well received - since the "old-timers" that work there seem to run the store - or at minimum HEAVILY influence the upper management, that within time, projects and responsibilities slowly get taken away to the point now 5yrs later - he just comes in and does nothing but greet customers. Fellow workers, and other managers (not with the higher up) see's what going on, but doesn't understand. When they confront the management, the deny that anything is wrong - that they don't have an issue with this employee, great worker, very well versed in the store - but day after day, mind games continue. And co-workers and management scratch their head.

    This is an over simplified story of what is going on, but it is difficult to convey it properly.
    Just think of it as a very experienced person coming to the "proverbial" backwoods store where it was fine until the new guy got there. He's good, we just wont give him anything to do. They don't like change.

    what is that?

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    that's what I would call a "bad job fit" -- there's nothing that legally requires the upper management to use this guy up to the level that is or that he thinks he is capable of. It's their loss. Honestly I wouldn't want to stay in that environment (based on my personality type it would honestly be my worst nightmare).


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      I agree. I told him about this forum and would put feelers out (amazing support here).
      I know he is multi-skilled in all facets of the job. They are not being mean, just not letting him do anything. I asked about it once, they said, he's fine, just don't have anything for him. They took away parts of the store he was responsible for, he doubled as a tech - and took that way, gave him inventory one year, and recently took it away, but I talked to my fellow management - and they just shrug their shoulders. We all joke about it openly - he doesn't let it bother him, or if it does, he doesn't show it. Always smiling and putting everyone in good spirits. Sometimes a little too clownish, but I think that stems from the low pay the store offers (most management are $2 - $4/hr higher than the high schoolers we take on. That has affected some of the employees here as well, since they are now making close to what walk-in kids are), but regardless - he is the one we go to for help. He is pretty sharp. Its a huge parts store, but most of us have basic skills, he has hands-on for many years.
      I'll wait to see if any other replies, and pass it along. (I told him to check into other jobs, but he likes it there because it is across the street for him LOL fair enough). Just not fair that they can treat people like that.


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        As a friend of mine (and sometime responder here) says, there is no "Bureau of Fair" that requires employers to treat their employees in the way they want to be treated. Also, Fair is in the eye of the beholder - being what Joe sees as fair to Joe may end up being what Jim sees as unfair to Jim. While it might or might not be fair, I'm not seeing anything in what you've posted that is illegal.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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          have to wonder if they aren't using him as a problem solver (especially if he is the one everyone goes to for help) and then when he gets the problem area to a good place, someone else can take over and do it so that he can be freed up to solve other issues. Almost sounds like they want him to delegate more and be at the 30000 ft level rather than the 300 feet level. If he is not being challenged, has he stepped up and done any kind of presentation/discussion on what other issues he could solve to make it a better organization?


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            not sure, when he confides in me - it is usually along the lines of favoritism - it's mostly "..why do they not give that to me, I am a manager too, why wait for john doe, who has stepped down and is part time" Not even I know why they do what they do to him. I will admit, he is right - the store manager follows one of the assistant mgr around like a puppy dog, excluding several other managers - now that this "john doe" has left for another company, only staying on part time, the store manager made up a "position" called part time manager - and continues to deal with him - once gain, snuffing the other managers - even me on many occasions.
            I personally think it is a personal issue - I think he is gong to quit. Sad as he is a good manager. But from me and the other managers observe - they are pretty much just "forcing" him out by making him appear useless in the store, taking away any type of responsibility. These days, he's just a meet and greet. He doesn't talk much to me about it anymore - I'll prod him on how he's doing, but he just says he's fine. His only comment was - ".. if I didnt live across the street, I would have left a long time ago"
            I checked with him tonight (text) he said he is aware that there isnt anything "legal" wise - He is just a punching bag, and he's not letting them push his buttons. Oh well. Me personally, not sure why they wouldn't call that a character defamation. He is not like what they are portraying him in the store. And they are not giving reasons why he is no longer doing anything. I did corner the store manager about it (tactfully as I could), he said that he feels that he has other issues out side of work that MIGHT interfere, so he is keeping his workload low - I think that is BS.

            But thank you guys for the info. I am partial to him as he got me a good position there a few years ago.


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              With rare exceptions, and nothing you have posted suggests that they exist here, favoritism is not illegal.

              "Character defamation" does not mean what you evidently think it means.
              The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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