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need help about my work Oregon

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  • need help about my work Oregon

    ive been at my job for over a year, its been up and down since i started..i had a problem with being on time in so my boss put me on probation and i fixed itone of the morning cooks was having a hard time and i didnt put any thought into it until she was fired..i did have some troubles in my personal life and started being late again and was put back on probation (still on). we have a cell phone policy, no phones, and i got caught with mine on counter and my boss took it and slammed it on the back desk while yelling at me..while later, someone pointed out a coworkers new phone that was laying next to another phone, she expressed her likes for it got lunch and left..nothing the handbook it says we can wear anything but denim, i wore navy blue cords to work and she came straight at me and asked where my black pants were, i told her there were being sowed and she continued to tell me in front of everyone that i am to only were black slacks nothing more and left the kitchen..some wear white pants, black jeans with holes, skirts, leggings...nothing more..i was unable to work one shift so i called and told the person currently workin,she said ok no worries and i asked if i needed to call the boss she said no..came in for next shift i was written up for not calling her and a wrkline i didnt know about, and later found out at our employee meeting that nobody has ever called it or knew about it. while on my probation i found out its only suppose to b 90 days, mine are 6months. i was pulled from cooking shifts because i cooked ribs and there was too much bone and fat on them, to prep work..prep normal hours are 10:30-6 cooks are 12-6. my prep shifts are now 1-6 and cook 10:30-6..recent bbq we had the burgers were still bleedin and we had complaints from guest, nothing happened further..i ended up goin to docters and not bein able to wrk next day but when i came back i informed them i was waitin for results and ran a few suggestions by them to find out they researched it and were pissed because i wasnt boss has gone to several coworkers and told them to get an eye out on me, some saying why shes a good wrker and her refusing to listen..when buisness is slow she says go ahead and go home if ur done early, and most of us leave 15 mins early except me..ive been written up for leaving when everyone else does so know i stay but everyone else still leaves..nothing further..prep wrk includes fresh fruit if time allows, i sometime dont have time and the next morning i have the check list and procedures in my locker anyone else who doesnt have time then the cook changes the menu..i have to use a black marker when labeling, noone else does..i have to cut lemons a special way, no one else does on top of many recently we hired a on call-temp employee, he has all but 2 of my shifts and working 40 hours a week..holidays we get 8 hour shifts, not me i get 5..the new hire has informed me his 3month evual is near then he becomes regular part time..i got my first evualation after being here 16 months which i found out i didnt get a raise throu cowrkers because of the bosses personal observation which she sees me 5 min 3 days a week..she is constantly talking about and she doesnt care who hears it..coworkers that come in at 12 for shifts sit down and eat lunch while on clock, we all did, except me..she asked me in front of everyone whats entitles me lunch at this time while 2 other people sat that just started..when i took my break i would go outside and sit in grass..days later to bein called to office for not wrkin and stealing company time, while the smokers get to go outside evry 5mins..we have no superviser yet one full time wrkers yells at me puts me in my place and says end of convo, i went to boss and was accused of making an uncontroable enviroment to wrkin..i have been keeping records and i have coworkers who just cant beleive there eyes or ears.theres so much more that i cant do but everyone else there anything i can do. overall i like my job and im a hard wrker, im scared if i talk to my boss she will lash out even more and she always tells everyone whats been said behind closed doors..ive been told on and proved them to be lies and she continues to tell me it doest matter..i dont want to get fired so ive been keepin to myself and doin xtra xtra wrk but nothin gives

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    I appreciate you are upset at how you are being treated at work. You may have legitimate grounds for being upset. Unfortunately, I cannot tell. Your post is far too dense and unreadable to discern exactly what your complaints are, much less whether any of them contravene a state or federal law. No disrespect: You may want to consider re-writing your post in a more concise and organized manner.

    From what I can tell, your manager picks on you and otherwise treats you harshly. In and of itself, such conduct by a supervisor is not illegal. Boorish maybe. But not unlawful.

    Again, I would respectfully recommend you re-write your post with an eye on communicating your grievances in a manner which the reader can readily discern the nature of your specific complaints. Perhaps there is more here. However, I do not think most, if any, readers will be able to figure it out based on the current post.


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      Das ist in der Doktor!

      In short, get to the point,
      and check your spelling!

      ~ I halve a spelling checker,
      It came with my pea see.
      It plainly marks four my revue
      Mistakes I dew knot sea.
      Eye strike a key and type a word
      And weight four it two say
      Weather eye am wrong oar write
      It shows me strait aweigh.
      As soon as a mist ache is maid
      It nose bee fore two long
      And eye can put the era rite
      Its rarely ever wrong.
      I've scent this massage threw it,
      And I'm shore your pleased too no
      Its letter prefect in every weigh;
      My checker tolled me sew.....


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        You really do need to let us know what your specific questions are. Thanks.

        Based on what you posted, it seems nothing illegal is being done.
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          If you feel that you're being discriminated against, please note that discrimination is only illegal if it's based specifically on things like your race, age, gender, religion and/or disability. If you're not being discriminated against for any of these reasons, then what you're experiencing is not illegal.


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