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Discrimination at Work - Help! Texas Texas

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  • Discrimination at Work - Help! Texas Texas

    For 10 months, I've been subjected to racial slurs (not directed to me) from every person in my office from the top (owner) on down (to office manager). the office manager, however, uses racial slurs on (almost) a daily basis and has created a very uncomfortable work environment. about 2 weeks ago i attempted to ask this person to refrain from these comments in the workplace. i uttered about 2 sentences before she started screaming at me and refusing to discuss the matter like civil adults. she ranted and raved and brought (what was supposed to be) our private talk into the office for the others to hear. After ranting on about being offended by me, she left for the day. Since this time, I have demanded that 'management' insist that we have a sitdown meeting to address this person's issues. the meeting happened the next day and this person was neither apologetic nor remorseful. it felt like i was the one who had done something wrong as i was being lectured by my supervisor. (my supervisor and this person are friends, and go to the same church, which places another wrinkle in this issue.) furthermore, although 'management' gave lipservice -- that they agreed bigoted comments should not be allowed in the workplace -- they stopped short of actually accomplishing amything - except to ask this person to please stop saying these comments. this person said that she didn't know if she could do it and that she had to be herself. since i've returned to work, this person has decided to move her workspace to the other side of the office (which was supported by my direct supervisor). in a nutshell, management has said that they cannot do anything to force this person to stop talking in such an inappropriate manner (and that they will NOT fire her). They said that they hope she "gets over it" in a few days, although they will not quantify how long she has to 'get over it' nor will they say what will happen if she doesn't get over it. There are no policies or procedures at this office. It feels like no one is really taking this very hurtful, discriminatory action seriously. They all seem to condone it. What is my recourse? This is a small privately owned company (less than 15 employees) in houston, texas. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Since your employer has less than 15 employees, they are not subject to federal
    or state discrimination laws.

    Why don't you wait & see if she does "get over it." The other option might be
    to look for other employment.
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