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Not sure if this is discrimination? Arizona

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  • Not sure if this is discrimination? Arizona

    So I have worked for this company for a little over 4 years now. I have been a loyal and hard worker. I am one of the only employees cross trained on all the areas we work, every contract and above the wing and below.

    I was a supervisor for 1 year on one of the contracts I worked and never received my $1.00 raise that every other supervisor gets and when I ask they tell me well its cause we considered you an acting supervisor which if I was acting then why did I still get early morning wake up calls to be screamed at or why did I have meetings on my day off I had to attend, etc etc.

    This is not the only incident with raises I have had problems with nor the first. When I was hired I was told that since I had experience in this field that I was to get an experience wage increase, the person that was supposed to give it to me the person that hired me got transfered and never put it through so when I ask about it they said well it is too late and too bad basically.

    3 years ago they released a memo stating to all employees that they were freezing our wages till such time that the economy heals for them. The memo was given out on the 2nd week of April, I had my evaluation for my 2nd year anniversary which would have been March 7th and when I asked my boss I was expecting a raise he said nah it falls under the wage freeze even though it was before the memo or any of us were told, this freeze is still on today and every time we ask when it will end we get no answer and when we ask will we get back pay when it does unfreeze they say they don't know.

    I have no physical proof just word of mouth and glimpses of other peoples paychecks but there are plenty of people that have been working there many years or months less than I have and yet are being paid more than I am, some of them with absolutely no experience whatsoever. Most of them at the same level as me same title. I was even just recently told by a fellow employee that has been with the company less than a year and is in the same position I am in which is called Operations which is a special section of the company just received a $.50 raise for being in operations even though I have been doing operations longer, I have not received it. This certain person I know for a fact gets special treatment cause my boss is really good BFF friends with his sister. He is constantly getting out of things he is supposed to get in trouble for and he is a loud to have what shift he wants even though I cant select what shift I want, etc etc. There are many other incidents involving pay but I wont mention them all right here.

    To continue our hours have been cut drastically at work there are very few 30+ hour weeks and yet when the schedules came out I was given less hours then people that have been working there years less than me. After requesting that she give me some more hours by taking them from lower seniority employees she just got angry with me and ignored my request which I might add I did polite and direct no complaining or arguing just polite asking.

    My boss also has on two occasions taken the word of other people before even asking or getting my side of the story on two incidents that have happened that could have gotten me fired. One of those incidents got me removed from a contract permanently and it was a computer error that she knew about but because she did not ever listen to me instead when I try to defend myself I get screamed at and ignored.

    I am no where near the only person that feels that our boss is unfair, cold, rude and a liar among other things. I am too afraid to lose my job to ever bring up my problems or fight things that I should and it bothers me cause our chain of command does not help either, if I have a problem with my boss I could go to the General manager but he is good friends with her and always goes to her with complaints and/or ignores them. If I go to our general managers boss the regional boss that is a dead end cause they are golfing buddies and friends and he just ignores that is assuming you can figure out how to get a hold of him. It is almost impossible to find any contact info for company HR and when you do they tell you to follow your chain of command.

    For your info just to put in perspective my situation. I was hired March 7th, 2006 at $8.50/hour I am now 4 years 3 months later at $9.98/hour and have been for 3 years. This year was the first year I received more than a week of vacation. Even though they have a pay freeze they just bought a bunch of new equipment (they did not need). The average employee that has been there as long as me but before the freeze is roughly at $11.50 when I asked around. I am still considered a lead agent and am still cross trained and utilized at all of our contracts including specialized ones.

    Is there anything I can do without risking losing my job or costing me an arm and a leg on a lawyer? Is this just a case of "ohh well too bad luck" and I am screwed?

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    Unless you have a bona fide contract or union contract which requires raises, the employer is NEVER required to give you a raise unless you are making minimum wage and the MW is increased.

    What you want to do is document WHY you are worth more, then set up a meeting with your manager to discuss how you can receive a raise and why you think you deserve it.
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      Illegal discrimination means adverse treatment based specifically on and directly because of things like race, religion, gender, age (only for those over 40), or disability, etc. Pretty much any other kind of discrimination is legal.


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        There is nothing illegal being done by your employer based on your post.

        Even if something is unfair, unfair does not equal illegal.

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