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North Carolina. is this discrimination? retaliation?

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  • North Carolina. is this discrimination? retaliation?

    I'm an auto mechanic and I'm paid on a flat-rate pay scale. Last Saturday may 22 when I went in to work at 8 am I informed my manager I had to leave work at 1 pm which would give me 5 hrs on the clock with no lunch break. At 12:15 I finish the work assigned to me and stand around till 1 pm with nothing to do ,nothing assigned to me. At 1pm I clock out to leave , after clocking out my manager tells me "he needs me to stay" I ask him " why what's going on?" He tells me " business is going on " I ask " what do you need me to do" he says " I need you to stay and fix cars" I look and there is still no work assigned to me I inform him " I'm going to lunch and I won't be back." A week passes and as I'm clocking in at 8am sat may 29 he tells me to come to the back. Once there he gives me a notepad and instructs me to write a statement as to what happened the previous Saturday and to put my cell number on it and he would call me Tuesday with the outcome . I asked " are you suspending me from work?" He says yes. I do not have an attendance problem and as far as I can recall I've never even had a write-up. Other employees leave early and come in late all the time with no action taken against them. We went for months being forced to leave early so we wouldn't have overtime. Is this discrimination because im the only one ever punished for leaving early? Is it retaliation against me for leaving early? Is there any course of action for me to take ? Legal or otherwise.

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    It very well may be retaliation for leaving early without approval. However, that is not illegal discrimination. In fact, it's only illegal discrimination if you are being singled out solely because of a protected characteristic of yours, such as your race, age, gender, religion, etc.
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      Agree with Patty. There is no illegal discrimination here. All employees do not have to be treated the same as long as you aren't discriminated against due to a reason prohibited by law (ie age, religion, gender, race).

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        IMHO your approach to leaving could use some technique changes...instead of I'm leaving...perhaps try I need to leave at...can you help me with this?
        Not everything in America is actionable in a court of law. Please remember that attorneys are in business for profit, and they get paid regardless of whether or not you win or lose.

        I offer my knowledge and experience at no charge, I admit that I am NOT infallible, I am wrong sometimes, hopefully another responder will correct me if that is the case with the answer above, regardless, it is your responsibility to verify any and all information provided.


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          You abandoned your job, plain and simple. And hopefully you've learned your lesson - NEVER determine your work behavior based on what the worst employees get away with. Look at what the best employees do.
          I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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