I'm a software engineer with 28 years of experience and a very formidable resume, which includes a very large patent. However, not a single company in the U.S. will hire me for a permanent position. I am certain that this is because, after I was terminated quite unfairly several years ago be my previous employer, I consulted an attorney who filed an EEOC discrimination complaint against the company. Long story short, I ended up firing the attorney for something he did, and the case did not go anywhere. That was 2.5 years ago, and since that time I have been blacklisted. I have interviews that go perfectly well, and I am uniquely qualified for many positions, yet do not get hired. On one interview I went to, the recruiter told me the job was as good as mine, however, upon arrival I was escorted out the front door within minutes and with no explanation. I recently interviewed for another permanent position with a company in Philadelphia and was offered a job on the spot, at a agreed salary, by the director of engineering who said I would be getting the formal offer by Fed-Ex within days. However, when I later contacted HR, I was told the company decided not to fill the position, which I happen to know is a lie.

I already have two EEOC complaints in progress and have recently filed a third one. I have contacted numerous attorneys but none are interested in taking my case. I have also written to the Attorney General's office in FL and NJ. I currently have a temporary position, however, I went 24 months without being hired in any capacity, and was living in my car for a time.

Blacklisting is illegal, but hard to prove, although living in my car should be proof enough. I'm certain there is some information available to HR people, which they should not have access to, which prevents me from ever being hired. I've already had a friend who has a company run a background check on me, which came up perfectly clean. Nonetheless, I am getting killed here. The EEOC is just civil service people and they aren't very motivated, and don't fare well against corporate attorneys. There must be something I can do to solve this problem so that I can get a normal job again.

Also, I have a very minor disability, but one which gives me protection under EEOC laws. And, by having filed a previous EEOC complaint, I am legally protected from discrimination and retaliation by potential employers who do not hire me due to the previous complaint. The law is on my side, but it does me no good.