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Age discrimination in Nevada Nevada

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  • Age discrimination in Nevada Nevada

    To anyone that can help,

    My name is Nick and I have been working for this storage company for a little over 17 months and i feel that i have been discriminated and used because of my age. I work in a storage facility where only two people work full time. The corp. office is in California. About June of 2008 i was offered, over the phone, that when my boss transfers to Texas I would receive his position if i complete this advertising task. I had to go around to different storage facilities and also Apartment complexes to promote our business. I did an excellent job an got our business many new move ins. In the beginning of October I was asking about when we were going to start interviewing people for my old position because my bosses departure was soon. About a week later my boss sat me down and told me that "The company feels that since your 19 and going to college, they dont want to leave and 8.5 million dollar property in the hands of a 19 year old." I was really mad about that and i emailed my district manager and explained what my boss said and i as ask why this happened because you(the district manager) offered me the position if i did well with the advertisement. He didn't respond to my email. My district manager later came down about two weeks later and said, "The company feels that your 19 and leaving a 8.5 million dollar property in the hands of a 19 year old is not acceptable." I told him that i would do and excellent job and my work so far has proven that. He just changed the subject.

    Now going forward about a month. November they started doing some interviews of new candidates for the managers position. On some of their resumes' it stated that they are in college also. that really made me upset. I continued to email my district manager in a professional manner and explained my concerns. But he never replies.

    After about 15 interviews, my district manager felt that he didn't like any of these candidates. He then turned to me during lunch and asked if I would work by myself for almost 2 months since the other manager needed to leave. I accepted because there was no other choice.

    My district manager only comes to our facility for about three days every two months.

    Seeing how the economy is doing bad right now, so is this facility. Nevada is getting hit hard and this facility isn't that old so it wasn't close to being full. I feel like i was used for my advertising because they didn't pay me to do that. It felt like they made me do that so they didn't have to pay someone else and lie to me about the position.

    What makes me upset is not only not receiving the position because of my age but having to TRAIN my new Boss because no one in our company knows how to run our facility but me. I dont understand that if i can run it for two months by myself( this includes about 55 hours a week) why would they do this to me? I have all the copies of every email i sent and what i stated. Is there anything i can do legally?

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    I'm sorry but age discrimination only applies to age 40 & older under federal law & under Nevada law.

    This situation may seem unfair to you but it was not illegal.
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      They gave you your answer. They don't feel comfortable leaving an $8.5 M investment in the hands of a 19 year old college student. A lot of companies feel the same way. You don't have to like it, you can either accept it or go work somewhere else. Continuing to pester them about it won't change their minds - and is likely to convince them that they're right.

      If you stay on and run the facility well and the economy continues to do poorly, they don't have much incentive to bring someone else on, so you will have defacto control of the operation. You can then put on your resume that you were running the facility - regardless of the title.

      Eventually, if you prove that you can run it well by yourself, they may change their minds - but not if you pester them.


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