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maternity leave in NJ New Jersey

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  • maternity leave in NJ New Jersey

    I am currently 8 months pregnant and working full time in NJ. I recently asked my ob about the way maternity leave works and he was very unsure about how it really worked. Ive been told a few different things such as I can be paid up to 4 wks before and 6 weeks after. exactly how does this work? does the doctor have to have a medical reason besides being pregnant to put me out or am i entitled to the 4 weeks regardless? the way the doc explains it is in NJ you have to have complications in order to be put out of work 4 weeks before your due date. Im due Dec 22, you really expect me to work up until i POP. Please help im very confused and could use any bit of help i can get. thank you

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    Also, have you asked your HR department at work? They, not your doctor, should know about this.


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      You might want to review these links re the federal FMLA, NJ FMLA (NJFLA) & the Paid Family Leave Act.

      federal FMLA - - job protection - unpaid leave

      NJ Fam. Leave act (NJFLA) - job protection - unpaid leave

      NJ Paid Fam. Leave Act - employees may take up to 6 wks. of pd. family leave at any time within one year of the birth or adoption of a child, etc. (see link) - no job protection but paid leave

      questions & answers re above pd. fam. leave -

      N J also has a state disability income plan to get pd. while off on unpd. disability leave. This is NOT leave but pay/income while you are on leave - it gives you no add'l. leave time. (also see ** below re temporary DI)

      "Generally" a doctor will authorize 4 weeks off before delivery & 6 weeks after for a
      normal pregnancy "disability." However, I do not know how much, if any, job protected
      leave you are entitled to - you will have to read the links. There are requirements
      that have to be met to receive job protected leave. --

      ** re temporary DI benefits:
      From above link:
      For a normal pregnancy, benefits are usually payable for up to four (4) weeks before the expected delivery date and up to six (6) weeks after the actual delivery date (provided that you have not worked during that time). A doctor may certify that you are disabled for a longer period if:

      You experience specific complications related to pregnancy.
      You undergo a Cesarean section.
      You have another simultaneous disability.
      You are physically unable to do your regular job
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