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Using sick days to get paid during FMLA? Connecticut

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  • Using sick days to get paid during FMLA? Connecticut

    I don’t really know where to start.

    I currently work as a 1-on-1 Paraprofessional (teacher aid) in a public high school. I am subcontracted out by a brokerage company who is paid by the town my student is from so I am not paid by the BoE, but by the brokerage company. I currently work 32 hours a week and this will be my 5th year working in this town.

    I am apart of the AFSCME Local 1303 Union. I currently have 60 sick days saved up. Recently, my student has come to me saying that he is being told by teachers that he wont have me to help him next year. He has a lot of psychological problems and breaks down just by hearing that. Yes, I would like to see him work w/o me, but I still think he'll need me. Anyways, that's not for me to decide. That's for the higher ups to decide.

    So, back on topic...I'd like to take off time to get my life back on track (before my time runs out at this job and while I still have health insurance)...whether it be to release stress, get myself the medical help I need, and focus on my future. I just feel like my life has been spiraling downwards and if I don't get this help then gaining control of my life will be even more difficult than it is now. Can I take time off by using my sick days or use FMLA and get paid by using my sick days?

    If so, then I need to find a good doctor who will allow me to take 3 months off. I have not been to the doctor in 7 years. Sorry for the long rambling note, but I do thank you for taking the time to read it and offer advice.

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    You can take time off by using FMLA if and only if you have a serious health condition as defined by the statute. You have not provided enough information about your medical condition for us to say if that is the case or not.

    IF you do, then you can request or the employer can require that you use your sick days as part of it - in essence, to get paid during the FMLA time. But FMLA is not available for any time you want to take time off and it's not even for any kind of medical leave - it is for medical leave as defined by law.
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