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HR Department Inept California California

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  • HR Department Inept California California

    There will be several posts researching the long list of issues our company faces. First on the list...

    The first things our HR Mgr (OK..not really a manager but the sister in law of Gen Mgr and gets her a#* covered constantly) does for all injuries or illnesses. Regardless of the type of injury (work related, non-work related, illness) forces the worker to go on FMLA and then take all sick and/or vacation time prior to letting them take disability. For example...worker strains knee outside of work. Goes to Dr and is taken off to heal. She immediately instructs payroll to pay out all accrued sick time without informing the employee. Employee applies for St Disability and is then declined because they have not gone through the 7 day elimination period. The employee is not informed they could use vacation for the 7 day period and once they finally do go on disability they have no sick time to supplement the financial shortfall of what disability pays. Also, let's assume later in the year the employee actually gets sick and needs sick time. They have none. What can you do?!?!?

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    See my response to your other posts regarding sick time, worker's comp, and FMLA. There is no law that is going to require the employer to inform the employee that paid time off can be used for the 7-way SDI waiting period nor that the employer would supplement disability payments with paid time off (known as coordination of benefits). The employees could actually ask.
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