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Shoulder Injury-Indiana

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  • Shoulder Injury-Indiana

    Sorry for all the mass confusion and conflict of opinion, !
    I was merely looking to keep my job, and not be neglected as a number in the system. As of now I have received a phone call from my boss, which wanted to know if I had heard from HR on Fri. , which I had , only to hear the same words as stated in the meeting(we don't have any work for a person with one arm). She said she would look into it further to see if i could be laid off or not, but to no avail, I have yet again heard nothing!
    It may or may not be interactive, depending on opinion i guess, but I certainly call this a very poor level of professionalism, as now I am 2 weeks out of surgery and even my boss can't give me a straight answer as of 8 pm tonight.
    So, still stuck in the same boat, I obviuosly need a source of income, but i'm really concerned with the FMLA only running 12 weeks, that i may not be fully healed, and then what? Doc says usual is 3-4 mos. to heal.
    Also, i feel like if i go in there an ask for an accomadation formally i might get fired for making an issue out of it.

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    You definitely need to take advantage of FMLA; that's what it's there for, to protect your job, but again, if, at the end of the twelve weeks you are not medically able to return to work, you could legally be terminated. Not saying you would be, but it's possible.

    You have disability insurance, file a claim right away.

    IF this qualifies under the ADA, what accommodation are you looking for? Is there any accommodation the employer could make to allow you to continue doing your regular job?
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