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Denied STD Texas

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  • Denied STD Texas

    I have been out of work because a disability for approx. 3 months. Only a portion (3 weeks) of that was approved, the doctors did not know what was going on and now have the answer. It is their opinion that I am not able to function at work until I have started treatment. My employer denied the rest of the STD and asked for more paperwork, which I gave. In the paperwork my doctor wrote a personal letter stating that I was unfit to return for work. The employer still denied the claim and terminated me. I am not covered by FMLA and know they have the right to terminate me, but are they ethically and legally allowed to tell me and my doctor that there is nothing wrong with me?

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    You need to read your STD plan to determine what is and is not covered and for how long. If your condition is not covered or you have exceeded the maximum length of coverage, then it is neither unethical or illegal to cease coverage. Your plan should spell out your appeal rights as well.
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      Thank you for the reply, I have been through 2 appeals with the company, both of which were denied by what they stated was a doctor that they would consult. Mind you this is another state, they have never spoken to me and will not speak with my personal doctors. I have optic neuritis which caused vision problems, then would get sick and end up in the hospital. I was told that I have CVID and without therapy if I get sick something like H1N1 could kill me. Their advice is not to be around anyone that could be sick and wait for treatment. There are cognitive problems and neuropathy which also cause a lot of problems, but the employer doesn't see this and therefore over steps my doctors advice. I am well within the timeframe for my STD, according to company policies.


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