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emergency surgery requiring doctors notes California

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  • emergency surgery requiring doctors notes California

    On March 5, 2009 I left work and ended up in the emergency room and had an emergency appendectomy on March 6, 2009. The on call surgeon performed the surgery and signed the paperwork to release me from the hospital on March 7, 2009.

    I returned to work on March 23, 2009. When I returned to work I was asked about STD but as I took PTO for part of the time off, I didn't apply for STD as the payout would not be very much-I would have to pay for the forms to be filled out by the surgeon, take a day off work to go see the surgeon to fill out the forms and the percentage STD pays was not beneficial for all this.

    Anyway-when I returned to work, I was asked for a letter allowing me to return to work. I called the surgeon and was told they would fax it to my HR department. The original HR lady was laid off on April 1 and I hadn't heard anything more about this until June 1, 2009 when the remaining HR lady said they didn't have it.

    After many phone calls, I got a form letter stating I was released for work and a date, nothing else. HR originally said this would be fine. Now they have changed their mind and I have to get a letter stating I had emergency surgery and was under their care from DATE to DATE.

    While nobody will say specifically that I will be fired for not getting was stated that this is "a requirement for continued employment".

    My ultimate question is this...if I don't get this from the surgeon's office, can they legally fire me?

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    My ultimate question is this...if I don't get this from the surgeon's office, can they legally fire me? Yes. Your employer is entitled to verification of the reason you were off work and that you were under a doctor's care during that time.

    I don't know why the surgeon's office should make it so difficult for patients to get this info - STD forms completed, return to work release, etc. I imagine the majority of the surgeon's patients need this sort of paperwork. It should be routine for doctor's clerical staff. After all, they fill out nearly all this paperwork. All the doctor pretty much has to do is sign it.


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      Yes, your employer can fire you if you don't get the necessary forms they require.
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        I don't see the problem. Boss wants the letter, get it. Boss wants the details, get it. BUT....who is paying for the medical? Some of the details are none of the boss's business if they aren't covering the medical. But your doctor should know this and know what to give them.
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