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FMLA, Time Off, and HR not being clear with me Pennsylvania

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  • FMLA, Time Off, and HR not being clear with me Pennsylvania

    I filed for FMLA last Feb. because I have bipolar and anxiety, which at times can cause me not to be able to work! They approved the FMLA and I took i think a month and a half off from last February! Well I was told by HR, that if I took off for any other reason (outside FMLA) I would need a doctors note to return to work. Which was fine I had no problem with that! Then when I had to get my FMLA renewed by my doctor, they told me they would not accept my Docs notes until I had the paper work handed into them!
    So I did, and since October of 08, i have had a few excessive absences, due to my fiance' having surgeries, children being sick, and myself being Ill, and injuring my back. I returned to work every time with a doctors note, and now they are telling me that I am suspended for 3 days, because of my absences. Now I am really frustrated, because I know absences are really not a good thing at a job, especially alot of them! But HR never told me about that part of it, basically all they said, is if I had my FMLA filled out, my job was protected irreguardless of wether I took off my mental health or other reasons, and as long as I had a note! and now they are basically turning it around and saying they never said that to me!
    I know Docotors notes really hold no ground, they are more a proven statement of why you were out. But why would my HR dept. tell me just to have a doc note, and everything would be ok...if in reality it wasn't!
    And is there anything I can do about it, if anything like term. were to come out of it!

    Thanks Everyone!

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    Just because they told you they would need a doctor's note for non-FMLA related absences & you brought one in doesn't mean they can't count the absences against you. "Excess" absences outside of your FMLA can be grounds for discipline -whatever the employer decides that might be. I don't see where your employer did anything wrong.

    Only FMLA absences are job protected.
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