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Will I receive unemployement insurance after release from disablity- California

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  • Will I receive unemployement insurance after release from disablity- California

    I am posting on behalf of my mother.

    My mother worked for a very small company. In fact it was only the owner and herself.

    She was hospitalize in June for entire month due to a medical problem. When she returned home in the middle of July she applied for temporary disability and was approved. Her disability insurance was extended a couple of times, but she was released to return to work in early November.

    When she called the owner of the company to let him know that she was able to return to work, he told her that she could work from home assembling product. Well my mom waited 1 week and never received anything. She tried to contact the owner several times a week, but it would either go to the answering machine or the temporary worker (that stepped in while she was on disability) would take a message. She actually spoke to the owner in late December and at this time he told her that the business was going to be sold and that he had already gotten another job. He advised her to wait a few weeks, because depending on who bought the company, she might still have a job.

    In January she left several messages for the owner, but he never returned any calls. At that point she decided to file for unemployment just until she could find some other means of work. She recently found out that the business was never sold and that the temporary worker is still there.

    Unemployment conducted the phone interview this morning and told her that the owner of the company did nothing wrong and that she was probably a bad employee. Although the owner has yet to contact unemployment to dispute the unemployment insurance that my mom is requesting.

    Is it possible that my mom will not receive the unemployment insurance she is requesting?

    Personally, I feel that what this owner did was not right. But worse of all,my mother feels completely worthless after the phone interview with unemployment. She has always taken pride in her work and gone beyond the scope of duty. Every time I would visit her at work, the owner would always tell her what a good job she was doing. Now she feel as though she was and idiot for trusting the owner of the company.

    I would appreciate any feed back on this. I just hate seeing my mother upset and would like to tell her that everything will be alright.

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    Don't let the hearing officer get your mother down like that; maybe he was just a jerk or maybe he was having a bad day or whatever.

    There is really no way for us to fathom a guess. What I'm seeing that may be a problem for your mother was that from what you posted, she appeared to pin all her hopes on this one-person company who said one thing and did another, and then never returned her phone calls, then the owner found another job, then the company was sold, etc. It should have become obvious very soon that she was not likely to return to work for this owner or for the new owner (if there ever was one).

    Was she actively searching for work during this period? Making the required 3 contacts per week? If not, that may hurt her.
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      Thank you Patty for your reply.

      I totally understand what you are saying about my mother putting so much faith into this one person. Unfourtunately, she figured that after working at this company for over 3 years and believing in the product being produced that she really had no other reason not to believe what the owner was saying.

      Now she has found out that the business was never sold to begin with and the temporary worker is still working there. My mom has been making the 3 attempts and sometimes more every week to find work, but with the way the economy is, it has been very difficult to find anything.


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        Good luck to her, I know what it's like.
        I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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