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Almost 1 year on CA SDI - is unemployment still available to me? California

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  • Almost 1 year on CA SDI - is unemployment still available to me? California

    My job was eliminated the first week of April 2008 (basically a lay off, slightly more complex). Before filing for unemployment insurance (UI) I became very ill and was unable to look for work, so my Drs. worked with me and I received CA state disability insurance (SDI). I have been on SDI since then. My Drs. feel that when I finish my medical treatment in the next few weeks, I will hopefully be able to look for work, so I will no longer qualify for SDI.

    As I understand it, if I file for UI between April 1, 2009 and June 30, 2009, my base period for UI will be Jan 1, 2008 -- Dec 31, 2008. Since I worked from Jan to early April 2008, my highest "earnings" during a quarter of the base period will be over $25,000 for that quarter, which should qualify me for UI. (other quarters will have either zero income or SDI income if it counts.)

    1) Can I apply for UI more than one year after losing my job, for example in June 2009?
    2) It seems that (if I really am able to work) I will qualify for UI if the almost 1 year of SDI does not disqualify me. How long can I receive UI if I follow all the UI rules - looking for work, filing papers on time, etc? Would it be the regular 26 weeks? Would I qualify for the Federal extensions of UI if still available in CA then?
    3) In applying for UI, do I also include the money I received from SDI as income?

    If anyone is patient enough to review this and try to answer these questions for me, it should give you a bunch of good karma!!


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    To my knowledge, SDI benefits are not reportable wages for UI financial eligibility purposes. If you are found to not be financially eligible, the reason or timing of your termination is irrelevant. See here, specifically, starting on page 8:

    Please feel free to call the EDD and confirm.
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