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CA - Small Employer not currently providing SDI California

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  • CA - Small Employer not currently providing SDI California

    I work for a small company (6 employees) in Northern California and I am recently pregnant. I have been looking into options that might recompense some of my pay (as I am the breadwinner in my household) after the birth of my child. After speaking with SDI today, I learned that only employers with more than 50 employees are required to deduct SDI from your paycheck.

    Do I have any other options to try and recieve $ during my leave?

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    Who told you that? EDD? Here is the Employer Tax Guide for CA. Although there are some exceptions for type of employees, I couldn't find anything that limited the requirement to deduct SDI from employees because the employer had under 50 employees. There is a table starting on numbered page 16 (actual page 22 of the document itself) that you might look at and see if your type of employment is listed as "not subject".
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      Originally posted by Pattymd View Post
      Who told you that? EDD?
      Let's hope not. There is no 50 or more employee requirement.
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        Recieved this info from SDI office

        I called the number for State Disability Insurance on the State of California website and spoke with a representive that told me companies with less than 50 employees in the State of California were not required to deduct SDI from my check and that if I did not see it as a line item deduction on my pay stub that I was not paying in and therefore could not recieve any benefits. I also inquired as to if I could start making payments directly to the SDI as the maximum annual deductions cap at $657. The rep said that was only acceptable if I was self employed.

        Also as a side note, I recently started this new job (3 months ago). Prior to that I had been working for a larger CA company for about 11 months that was deducting SDI from my check - the rep said this had no bearing on my eligibility.


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          You need to call back and speak with someone else at EDD. SDI pays based on the highest wages reported in the one of the last 4 quarters. So, even if you are not paying into SDI now, you were in the past and they can use those wages to pay disability benefits.


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            Agree. Ask to speak with a supervisor. And ask them for a reference you can check. You can reference, for example, the Employer Tax Guide I linked you to. I'm not buying it the "under 50 employees" story.
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              Thank you!!!!!

              I called back per your advice and spoke to a rep (who was much more through than the women I spoke to yesterday). He looked up my records by my SS# and said that since I was going to be out of work in March, SDI would be looking at the period Oct-Dec '07, during which I paid into SDI, therefore I was eligible for benefits!

              I really appreciate your responding to my question quickly and with great expertise!


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