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California SDI - Please Help

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  • California SDI - Please Help


    Received the letter today (Saturday), Monday is a holiday so I am just freaking out! My husband was put on disability by his Doctor due to an upcoming surgery. The letter we received is from the State of Ca EDD, "Notice of Computation" stating that during the base period he had insufficient earnings to establish a State Disability or Paid Family Leave Claim. The base period is showing Zero and Benefit amounts are also showing Zero. My husband has not been out of work for the last fifteen years. We have pay stubs showing SDI taken out during the base period, plus we have W2's and have just filed our income tax. How can this be? SS# matches. It is an error. But my gosh how long will it take for them to correct this? Oh yes when we called the automated Disability service the recording was "We show no record of a claim submitted".
    Thanks for letting me vent and any info/advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    I don't mean to be rude, but how could we possibly know how long it will take to correct the error? We have no way of knowing how the error occurred, whether the error is with the employer or the state, how backed up the state facility is or any of a number of other variable factors that will affect it.

    I understand that you're very upset and I'm not yelling at you, but please understand that this is something we cannot possibly answer.
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      To CBG

      I am sure it was not your intent to make me feel worse or by any means to make me feel stupid, or I would like to think that. My goal was to find someone who had heard of this situation before, nothing more than that. After reading many threads on this site, I was looking forward to an intelligent and experienced answer. Have a good day.


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        Our crystal ball is out for recalibration.

        I recommend your husband see if he can make an appointment with a representative and bring his check stubs and/or W-2s.
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          Just to be sure, was CA-SDI deducted from the pay checks? And was CA-SDI mentioned somewhere on the W-2? Is there any chance that your husand is legally something other then an employee? Also, is the employee on good terms with the employer? If so, check with payroll and make sure that wages were reported on the CA state quarterly reports against the correct employee name and SSN. The last request is something that some payroll departments would consider more of a burden then others. If I (or I suspect Patty) were the Payroll Manager at the employer in question, I would not mind putting a letter on company stationary saying what the wages were by quarter and including contact information. What concerns me however is that this stuff should be very automatic. The quarterly reports to the state include the employee's name, SSN and wages and it is fairly difficult for this to get messed up. Which raises the question was it reported in the first place, and if not, why not. If I were the Paryoll Manager at the employer in question, I would want to look at several of the quarterly reports just to make certain.
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