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laid off for questionable reasons in Massachusetts

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  • laid off for questionable reasons in Massachusetts

    On Dec 31st, I returned to work after being out on STD/FMLA leave for approximately 7 weeks due to work releated stress, anxiety & severe depression. Our office is extremely under-staffed and very busy, yet I was laid off on Friday (1/11) due to "profitability reasons". I was the "senior" account representative in the company and handled the work of 2-3 reps, yet they laid me off and kept other reps who can not handle their own share of the work and have made multiple, very costly mistakes. Does this sound like relatiation because of the leave of absence?

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    I don't work there so I don't know. Are there profitability problems? Were you the only employee let go? Did anyone ever say anything about the fact that you took leave? It sounds suspicious based on the timing but we only have your side and not even all the information on that.
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      It is very possible that there are some "profitability issues", the company is a manufacturing firm that has been having some production, delivery & quality issues. They employ approx 130 people and as far as I am aware, I was the only one laid off. I have spoken with some of my co-worker's who have stated that no one else has been laid off. Also, my direct supervisor, who the vice-president of sales & marketing for the company (and is pretty much the operations manager as well) was completely unaware of this until I contacted him while he was out on the road on Friday afternoon.

      Some additional background info form the 3+ years I was employed, this company is privately owned by one person who has a history of "laying-off" anyone that he may have some type of issue or difference of opinion with. About 10 months out of the year, he is in Florida and is not involved with what is actually happening here, leaving my supervisor to handle the day to day management of the company.


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        It would not be illegal to be terminated because the owner has some differences of opinion with or issues with you.

        However, it would be illegal to terminate you JUST for being out on FMLA leave. If you believe that is the ONLY reason for your termination, you can file a complaint with the federal DOL. (or a 2nd option is to file a lawsuit against your employer)
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