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  • uncle in Louisiana Louisiana

    My uncle has been on FMLA from his pencil pushing job in Louisiana since May '07. He cant seem to get his story straight - first it was medical issues, then it was family problems, then it was to take care of his mom, blah, blah, blah. I wouldnt really care except he's been GUILTING my grandmother into giving him money to cover his bills, telling her he has bed "stress tests" every week, and that he's REALLY SICK, but never tells us with WHAT. He's been telling her hes not making any money and she is 94 yrs old and has no idea whats going on. YET - he can still put on his cletes, wear the white hat and black/white striped shirt, and run up and down a football field 2-3 times/week as a refferee.

    I know where he works, and they confirm he's still employed there. I want to see him get canned for fraud, since there is NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM. I'm already working on the elderly abuse angle, and tax fraud (we are at $200,000 for the last 4 years and approaching over $50K this year that he's taken from her and has NOT be reporting it). NEXT, I WANT HIS JOB TO BE TAKEN FROM HIM. how do i report this? just call his boss???

    i know i sound angry...and i am. but i still want to see him lose his job. help me! ~~
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    You can certainly call his employer and let them know what you do. It certainly won't be the first time a family member has ratted out an employee. What the employer chooses to do with that information is up to them. Technically, his FMLA is already over.

    Ifd the grandmother is not competent to handle her own financial affairs any longer, the family may have to make some tough decisions regarding power of attorney and her access to money. Buth that is better left to the family law boards.
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      Just to expand on what Elle said, FMLA only provides 12 workweeks of job protection. If he's been off work since May of 2007, his FMLA leave has almost definitely run out, unless I'm missing something or there's additional information you didn't include (or didn't know). So, you've caught him in a lie right there if that's what he's been telling your grandmother. Additionally, many companies have a "moonlighting" policy wherein an employee can't work for another company while he/she is out on FMLA leave. If he's been referreeing, he's been working.


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