I work for a facility in USA and I've worked there since 2010. My husband and I just had our first child three months ago. He was due at the end of August, but decided to come early. I've taken off the past two weeks to help my husband and our baby given that she's a little premature. Now I filed Family Medical Leave Act on August 2nd and included our pediatrician's note stating that it would be for the best that I stay and help until the end of this month.

From the beginning I've had to fight to get any lead way on my FMLA passed up my chain of command. They've said that I haven't included enough leave paperwork with my packet, which I have. Last week I was notified that my manager denied my FMLA leave because I should've been better prepared for the birth of my premature child. Monday I requested a meeting with him, but he has postponed it until next week.

Am I doing anything wrong here. What should I do? Thanks!