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pregnant in texas w/ no std.. HELP!! Texas

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  • pregnant in texas w/ no std.. HELP!! Texas

    ok here is the scoop on my situation. i hope that someone can help me. i am currently 31 weeks pregnant and was taken out of work by my dr. about 3 weeks ago and put on a terbutaline pump to stop contractions. i cant even go grocery shopping by myself anymore and i have to ride in one of those electric carts. i was told 2 yrs ago when i was hired at my job that my husband (who works for the same company) had me covered for all medical and that i didnt need to. well last october (open enrollment for us) i applied for std and ltd, but i am not elgiably for it for a year so that makes it october. now here i am out of work for 10-12 weeks before my delivery and at least 6 weeks after, with one income and a 4 yr. old boy to care for. i was just wondering if there was any help out there for us. i have gotten wic already and i think that my husband makes too much for us to get on food stamps. which isnt right because they dont take into account your car payment and the insurance that you have to have on it among other things. can someone please help???
    thank you for reading, laura

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    Laura, I'm sorry, but your state does not have a state disability plan or makes it mandatory for your employer to provide STD or LTD insurance (only five states do either). If you are not yet eligible for your employer's STD plan then there is nothing under employment law that can help you.
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      Laura, does your employer have an EAP (Employee Assistance Plan)? If so, get in touch with them. They may be able to put you in touch with some organizations that could assist you and your family?

      Since I don't know your occupation, this may not have any value for you, but do you have the ability to perform your work at home? If so, ask your employer about making a temporary accommodation as it could benefit both you and the employer. You may want to research "work from home" options regarding telemarketing, collections, etc.

      Good luck and keep your chin up...


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        Of all else fails u can always call your church and ask them to help even if they can nor give you money thy will try to help feed and take care of ur family! If u do not have a church try any church charity alot of times they hbe orginizations set up to help families in need!


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          Mommy2be87, please do not reply to old threads - this thread is from 2006. Thanks.
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